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Oh you WOULD love to be beside the seaside!

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The UK is really closing in on the beachfront home monopoly that we have enjoyed for a whole now, but when you see today's home, found in gorgeous Cornwall, we think you'll have to admit defeat! We know that we did! With a dramatic rear facade, unbelievably understated front entrance and an interior designer-curated scheme that has made great use of every nuance of light, you are going to have to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming. Every room simply melts into the next and then out onto the terrace for some seriously Utopian views of the Cornish coastline, plus, we don't think you'll have seen a kitchen quite like the one here or a dining room with such a wonderful aspect! 

Come and take a look and see if you are 100% ready to move over to Blighty to enjoy some of this groundbreaking design!

There are no words.

If you have the right words to describe the ultimate beauty here, then be our guest! We, on the other hand, are a little flabbergasted! Tranquil, filled with light and enjoying such a gorgeous connection to the view, this living room beats them all!

What a facade!

We did warn you that the rear of this home was something to behold! What a unique, contemporary and yet somehow also rustic building!

There's nothing else to say here except… THAT VIEW THOUGH!

Understated chic.

Would you have ever though that lurking behind this sweet and simple facade would be that huge house? Nor would we! It came as a real shock, we can tell you that for nothing!

Hold on for just a minute!

We need to see more of this incredible wood burner, which has been expertly used to divide an open-plan space!

Such seamless integration.

modern Living room by Perfect Stays
Perfect Stays

Gwel an Treth, Sennen Cove | Cornwall

Perfect Stays

Ahhh, so it's a fire AND a television! now that really is clever! What a great way to divide a large room, but without actually needing solid walls or bulky screens!

Didn't we tell you that the dining room has an enviable aspect? Just look at it!

The kitchen we told you to look out for!

Talk about an inspired way to separate the kitchen from the more sociable aspects of the open-plan design! With warm and eye-catching natural wood in place, this space has become a little box of culinary creativity and we love it!

The view from the door!

Can you imagine walking through a simple front door and being greeted with this incredible hallway? Just look at the way it stretches through to the back, to give you a view of what lies out there! Wow!

Head on down…

to the more private rooms via this stunning spiral staircase that seems to amplify the beachy vibe throughout! We love the distinction of social and private spheres.

Soft and neutral, this bedroom is a treasure!

Just look at how each space bedroom contrasts but also complements the last!

You might have to fight over this room!

This is what we call a master bedroom! Perfectly geared towards quiet relaxation, appreciation of the setting and phenomenal design, we could see there being some serious arguments about who gets to sleep here. But try not to, as this house sleeps 10 people!

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Would you love to stay in a holiday home like this one? And would you snag that master bedroom for yourself?
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