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Simple accessories that improve your home decor

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Regardless of color schemes or decor styles, we think there are a number of amazing home accessories that you really can't live without and damn it all, we are going to show you a host of our favorites right now! We have absolutely no doubt that any interior designer would approve of our choices, wholeheartedly, and love the fact that we have selected a few pieces for every room, from your kitchen through to your bathroom! Come and take a look at some of the prettiest and most stylish versions of our top must-haves and see which pieces you are ready to invest in!

1. Pretty prints in natural wood frames bring any room together!

2. Rattan foot stools just have such organic charm and add instant texture to even the softest of living rooms!

3. A few natural fiber throws are perfect for adding that certain something to the arm of a sofa! They're great for snuggling too!

4. Oooh, seriously, we might need to bag ourselves a few utterly spectacular omber cushions!

5. Your bathroom deserves a little luxury, so how about some handmade soaps, designer candles and a natural wood back scrubber!

6. We can always make space for some upcycled vintage furniture, can't you?

7. What kitchen would really be complete without a bespoke hardwood chopping board? You know you want one!

8. Enamel baking dishes are a must for every kitchen! They are so much more chic than ceramic!

9. Hand-blown glasses, in a myriad of jewel tones, will liven up your kitchen cupboards!

10. Custom crockery is such a wonderful investment. Why not find a glaze that you adore and go from there?

11. Organic candles, either beeswax or soy, are a wonderful way to set the mood in your home!

12. Minimalist vases will almost overshadow the flowers you put in them as they are so elegant!

13. If you have a woodburner or fire, you absolutely need a chic kindling bag!

Investing in a few of these accessories can make a huge difference in your home. You won't need to repurchase furniture nor buy expensive pieces. It's all about creating a natural feeling. Let us know which one you've tried!

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Did you spot anything you're keen to buy for your home now?
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