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An absolutely magnificent home on the sea

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When it rains, it pours. But in the absence of such tragic weather one may find themselves within a bright beam of sunshine. 

Much like the home we are previewing today. It sparkles with the radiance of the heavens in its illustrious veneer. A seaside abode, this home boasts both the view and the location that make the greatest homes even better. Located on the glorious Cornish coast, it has the luxury of a world-class coastline just beyond its doors.

A superb contemporary beach house, we promise to show you the glamor of modern coastal living in the following little excerpt.

Breathe in the salty air and enjoy. 

1. Radiance

Built into a natural depression, the home boasts three stories, one of which is the parking garage. A set of stairs leads into a warm and welcoming balcony, which itself looks out onto the sea. Done in a broken A-frame, the architecture is a contemporary take on the classic beach house. 

With no symmetry or clear cut corners to speak of, each element of the home combines to make this the ultimate living experience.


From this angle you can see the magnificent locale. With the beach a few steps away from the front door, there isn't much more to ask for. 

3. Main bedroom

With an emphasis on natural light, the master is still in no way ostentatious in its layout. Keeping things simple, its main feature is the small balcony which offers a stunning look out onto the sea. 

4. Main deuce

It does however provide for a rather unique dressing room or vanity area, situated behind the bed, which itself is part of a gorgeous wooden feature which cuts the room in half. 

With plenty of space to speak of, this room is done justice by its minimalist nature.

5. Soak

Finally finding some symmetry in the home, the bathroom is an elegant, tiled affair which caters to the inner sleepy child in us all.

6. Scrub

Hosting both a tub and a shower, it also has three separate basins, depending on which ablution you need to see to.

7. Take a nap

Seriously, take a nap.

While listening to the waves caress the rolling shore.

8. Second bedroom

Done up in vibrant colors, this room is simply waiting for someone to come along and fill it up. A bookshelf and vanity perhaps speak to a more female audience, but the potential here is unlimited.

9. Bedroom 3

Remarkably similar to the predecessor, this room holds all of the same charm.

10. Second bathroom

Functional. Skylight. Win.

11. Star light


12. Pseudo

It's not really a living room, and its not fully a bar. But it is a bit of both. The central lighted pillar is a luxury we would all love to have. 

Let's be honest for a moment though: stack that bar up with anything from spritzer to liquor and we're all booking a flight to Porth at first light. Look at the bar stools! 

12. Indoor

And why not follow up a casual few night caps with a swim.

In the pool.

The indoor pool.

Because we all need one of those in our lives. 

13. Entrée

Welcome to the main course. This absolutely magnificent dining room which seeps into a kitchen. The high ceiling, the lighting and the wood meets white decor just brings home the beach metaphor. It's like sitting in the cabin on a fifty-foot yacht. 

But you have an indoor pool downstairs. 

14. Moving on

And when you're done with your meal, just pop over to the booth which curves gently around the room and have a quick cappuccino, while pondering the meaning of life with the view available. 

15. Kitchen

This room has all the necessities for a home of its magnitude. Its classy, sophisticated and aristocratic.

But then… you may have seen that coming around the time you saw the indoor pool. Next to a beach. 

16. Bask

Ah, the afterglow seems that much brighter with this dark wood balcony, which, much like the prow of a ship, has an apex that would have Jack from Titanic drooling. 

17. Terrace two

Did we mention that there's another spot just around the corner for the whole gang to pull into?

With opening sliding doors to boot. Get the whole block involved. 

Show them the indoor pool.

18. Last look

Sometimes its hard to say goodbye.

Did you enjoy viewing this home? Was there anything you wanted to know or to add? Please comment below!
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