A delectable glass wall home in the high desert

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People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones.

An interesting proverb, one that is used around the world to embody the dangers of hypocrisy. How unfortunate for them, then, that one fine summer morning, in a valley of heat and moisture, a man chose not only to build his glass house—but to throw stones all day long.

Of course, the glass house is literal (as you will soon see), but the stones we speak of are not. No, in keeping with our tautology, the stones we speak of are metaphors for the brazen pretentious glory that the following home accrues.

It is beauty. It is magnificence. 

It is glass.

1. Sincere.

By now we're hoping you've learnt to never judge a book by its cover. The pitch-colored steel is a nice offset to the orange door, in itself conspiring with the wooden ceiling, making this a pleasant entrance way.

2. Foliage.

From here it is easy to assume a small, single story home with a few treasures tucked away.

3. Casual.

And you wouldn't be far wrong… Except for the small part. 

4. Cali baby.

6. De la…

But take a step back, because it's at night when the predators stalk their prey. Aside from the exquisite layout of the separate-room-complex persuasion, the glass walls engender a truly open plan property, inclusive of the outside. 

… Creme.

With a magnificently paved outdoor area perfect for hosting friends, and the wooden overhang that gives the outdoors a bedroom-floor identity, everything about this outdoor area is inspired. 

8. Providence.

9. In the daylight.

An open plan kitchen-dining area speaks to theme of the home—a rugged space with minimal clutter. As you can no doubt see at the bottom left, this also attaches to living room in a very typical open plan single story. 

But there's a reason it's typical. It just works.



10. Poolside.

11. Roasty.

Why not enjoy a flamboyant fire? 

By the pool? 

In the desert? 

12. Toasty.

The natural pastoral look of the outer rim, replete with boulder, adds some authenicity to the home. 

13. View.

This bedroom has a commanding view of the great outdoors, and more than enough reason to escape. Looking out onto that stunning pool area it would be hard to stay in bed.

14. Comfort.

There is certainly something to be said for the minimalist attitude shown here, as though the room itself knows that it should be a place infrequently visited.

15. Moo.

In a completely different vein, this room is a soft, therapeutic space with colors and tones which speak to a calm repose.

And a cow.

There's a cow on the wall.

16. Luxury.

The master bathroom sports a sincere double vanity, with a pot plant for added effect. The natural light leaking through the ceiling is enough to get anyone up in the morning.

17. Shameless.

The guest bathroom still sports all the bells and whistles, and some snazzy art work to boot.

Did you enjoy perusing this Californian beauty? Perhaps you have something to share, add or ask? Let us know below!

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