A resplendent townhouse oozing modern appeal

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Across the world, the classic apartment sees many different forms. From bedroom-heavy, to kitchen-centered, all the way to living room-centered. It is the one of the many exceptional features of the townhouse that makes it a popular choice in every major city—you can literally get the best of a home in a small packages.

Today we've got a real treat, once again from the heart of London—ostensibly the Queen of townhouse cities. This abode will have you yearning for its soft comforts, its devilish charm and its authentic decor. Enjoy!

1. Masterclass.

Master Bedroom homify Eclectic style bedroom Beige Beds & headboards

Master Bedroom


And in the opening round we see the player drop a full house on the flop.

Symmetrical decor, coupled with the dun color palette and the creamy linen—this bedroom speaks purely to the inner introvert in us all. The hanging bedside lamps are a unique twist, which reflect impressively against the above-the-bed decor.

2. Pristine.

The bathroom is cleverly cultivated to give off a minimalist aura, which fits neatly with the overall tone of the home—where wasted space is an absolute no.

3. Sneak peek.

Have a quick gander at the make up of the second bedroom, employing a more classic color wheel and bedside table.

4. Thrice.

The final bedroom is exquisitely calm in its facade, employing soothing tones and a rigid symmetry that cannot help but be admired. The bedside lamps are simply gorgeous.

5. Step into my.

The home study offers a far more diabolical color scheme which detracts mercilessly from the softer tone of the rest of the home. Brooding and austere, this is certainly a room for Mom or Dad. 

Or Wednesday Addams. 

6. Closer.

The bookshelf is of the modern variety, where symmetry and logic are thrown to the wayside, and stylish incongruity is embraced. 

7. Corner store.

In a distinctively 'old-timer-meets-futurism' space, we find the classic armchair plus throw, coupled with the standing light for reading, and a hemorrhaging painting that can only be from the same collection one would find Edvard Munch's The Scream.

(We do homes, not art)

8. Heavyweight.

And finally on to the contender of the evening—the living room. Drawing soft tones from the bedrooms for the furniture, and darker matte finishes from elsewhere, the living room is a static blend of the entire home. The orange throw pillows add a beautiful touch of color while the contrasting furniture adds some identity.

9. Living twice.

Fronted by a full length window (which no doubt looks down into dreary London street life), this is the textbook town house living room. The orange throws continue the theme laid out in its predecessor, and the coffee table and small armchair all testify that this is a perfect spot for a cup of tea.

10. Kitchenette.

The kitchen is a grossly elegant affair, with a minimalist feel and a well-placed island to ensure everyone has a place to enjoy the meal.

11. Well.

What a terrific piece of wall ol' chap!

Was there anything in particular that you enjoyed about this home? Perhaps you have something to add? Let us know below!

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