Lighten up your home with these 24 cool lamps!

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Your interior designers & room decorators may not explicitly tell you so, but lighting makes a HUGE difference to the visual appeal of a space in addition to illuminating it. In the interior as well as exterior of your home, spaces like the living room, bedroom, hallway, terrace, garden, and conservatory often get a novel dimension of magnificence when decorated with jazzy lamps & peppy lighting fixtures. Add to that the bespoke/ custom-made quality and you get lighting that reflects YOU besides decorating your cozy dwelling with a chic functional elegance.

Today’s homify article offers you 24 cool lamp and light ideas for different areas of your home, wherein the lights double up as noteworthy decor alongside brightening up your abode with visually pleasing utility, and of course, making your visitors envious or speechless. Sounds good? Take a peek!

1. Glass pendant lamps for a soft and feminine touch.

2. Cactus and plant-shaped lamps for a forest feeling.

3. A pop of color with this bedside lamp.

4. Wood always works.

5. Geometric trend for the outside wall!

6. Stringing for a lovely neon glow. It's never too festive.

7. Attractive pizzazz for low-ceiling aesthetics.

8. Industrial hints and DIY mason jar luminosity for a personalized home.

9. A luxe touch of brightness here and there with patio and garden lamps.

10. Contemporary zing for the neat staircase.

11. Add a festive feeling with rattan and handwoven lamps.

12. Pottery panache adds to inviting glow.

13. Use a statement piece for a dazzle of creativity.

14. Vibrant practicality with retro-style brilliance.

15. Radiant poise garbed in cottony humility.

16. A trendy twist to give more character.

17. Game for some imperial Moroccan antiquity?

18. Clear luminance meets solid wooden charm.

19. How about a flexible statement of modernity?

20. This MIC resonates with lustrous jazz.

21. Designer gleam of sophistication.

22. Go chic with metal and copper pendant lamps.

23. An industrial floor lantern for extra coziness.

24. Feathery versatility to elicit some softness.

Which of these are going to pimp up your living spaces?

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