Beds that are almost too beautiful to sleep in!

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The focal point of any gorgeous bedroom is a striking and stunning bed that not only looks great but also offers immense levels of comfort, so prepare to be blown away by some of our all-time favorite designs! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that there is a stylish bed for all individual tastes and even though a decent piece of furniture can be a lavish expense, don't you think that you're worth it? For a decent night's sleep, good back health and amazing style, take a look at these incredible bed designs and see which one really tickles your fancy!

1. Just check out that headboard!

Even a plain bed can be brought to life, if you opt for a really striking, vibrant and distinctive headboard! This fuchsia pink extravaganza has added so much style to an otherwise understated bedroom!

2. Sleeping a-round!

Please excuse the provocative title for this picture, but what else could we really say, given the amazing circular design of this bed? Retro, charismatic and cool, it's such a show-stopper!

3. With ready-to-use storage.

We LOVE the floating bedside tables that have been integrated into this otherwise very simple bed! What a way to make a standard piece of bedroom furniture more exotic.

4. A touch of romance.

Can a four-poster bed with sweet drapes ever look anything other than dramatic and romantic? This design is so beguiling and pretty, like something out of a fairytale!

5. Cunning cantilever!

Well now we've seen it all! This bed design is incredible, thanks to the innovative cantilevered mounting system that totally negates the need for cumbersome legs! 

6. A splash of color.

Who said that only your bed linen can be bright? Not us, now that we've spied this amazing coral four-poster bed design! It's the perfect mix of traditional aesthetics and modern finishes!

7. Single and ready to mingle.

In a bijou bedroom, you might be better off considering a super comfortable single bed, to free up valuable space elsewhere! Don't go thinking they always look childish though, as this example os gorgeous!

8. Fit for a queen.

If you want to inject some regal style into your bedroom, you simply have to consider a bed with an oversized, quilted headboard! Talk about guaranteeing that all eyes are firmly on your furniture choice!

9. Coming back a-round.

We had to have another look at these circular bed styles. Seriously though, don't you love how groovy, sexy and unique they are? And with red bed linen? Wowsers!

10. Lovely low-levels.

We love low-profile beds, as they instantly add a languid, relaxing and laid back vibe to a bedroom. This version, in dark wood, makes a really bold statement but keeps the room looking a little minimal too.

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Which of these bed designs really tapped into your personal style preferences?

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