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It is a well-documented trait of quality modern homes to incorporate a wooden finish to acquire that sleek sultry look, which sets the heart aquiver at first glance. It was far more common in classical architecture to adorn the home fully in said style, and while modernity is on the rise, there remains a special place for homes which appeal to that sense of oaken fulfillment. 

Today we have not one, but two special abodes which utilize the wooden theology to the extreme, and both have come out looking absolutely breathtaking. If good wood is your secret pleasure, then look no further for all the inspiration you need.

1. Shine a light.

eclectic Living room by Roselind Wilson Design
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond—Snug or Family Room

Roselind Wilson Design

As is quickly apparent, there is a heady smoky texture to this room which will play throughout much of the home. The cross beam ceiling references the colonial history here, while the lighting fixtures also bring out the classical.

The fireplace is sculpted masterpiece, as are the carvings above. This could be the recruiting poster for an Illuminati drive. 

2. Darkness falls.

eclectic Living room by Roselind Wilson Design
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond—Snug or Family Room

Roselind Wilson Design

It's not all doom and gloom though, with a beautiful colonial window providing natural lighting, and a unique red-rose wall piece that adds some vibrancy and attitude. 

3. Office space.

Entering the home office, we find a Freudian layout which just begs for a patient. But more interesting is the fireplace-as-bookshelf hiding behind the laptop. Inspired. 

4. Boyzone.

Aside from your typical teen boys room, there are a few items worthy of mention. Notably the broken A-frame skirting, and the incredibly stylish shelving which contrasts the old and new with barely a whimper. The light wooden floors also detract from an overtly Victorian ideology.

5. Liven up.

The living room is a soothing space bedecked in soft tones which merger amiably with the furnishings. 

We are also big fans of the baby paintings on the wall. And the bookshelf. 

And the enormous sofa.

6. Girl-zone.

Despite our apparent gender-assumptions, it must be noted at this pivotal moment, that the rooms were actually designed as per the homeowner's request. Thus, the room for a son, and the room for a daughter. 

Lavender is a terrific color, but the combination with the teal walls and the flowery blinds makes this a delicacy. 

7. Two times a charm.

While living room was a thrill, living room two is all business. With a far more serious take on the social room of the home, this space is well-versed in hosting a wide array of citizenry. 

Functionality at its finest.

8. Lumiere.

eclectic Dining room by Roselind Wilson Design
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond—Informal Dining Room

Roselind Wilson Design

The informal dining room (quoted) is a warm and receptive area for the whole family to enjoy. In fact, the whole family could each bring a friend and still have a good time here. Positioned in every teens dream spot—viewing distance from the television—this is a gorgeous wooden ensemble. 

9. Imperialism.

eclectic Dining room by Roselind Wilson Design
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond—Formal Dining Room

Roselind Wilson Design

Now, on to the formal dining room. (Quoted.)

Because we all have a Presidential guest every now and then.

10. Changes.

The master bathroom is just that—a master. Replete with an inclusive vanity center (let's call a spade, a spade) and the more modern wooden finish, this is any well-to-do adults dream getaway after a long day at the office. Or a long day with the kids. 

Or just any time during the day. 

11. Guest bedroom 1.

Dark, devilish, debaucherous. 

12. Guest bedroom 2.

Light, bright, contrite.

13. Boot-camp.

Well, where else would all those shoes go?

14. Mix and match.

modern Study/office by Roselind Wilson Design
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond—Home Office / work area

Roselind Wilson Design

More books. More office space. More of everything. 

And let's all be frank for a moment:

At this point, are we even surprised anymore?

15. Second home.

Welcome to the second home in this tour. Again we see the wooden furor played up, but this time in an immaculate monochromatic kitchen, which mixes post modern decor with colonial styles to up the ante on its predecessor. 

Note the volcanic marble fireplace and the ceiling crown molding as hints to the colonial. Then note the dark panels of the cupboards and the sleek exterior of the kitchen appliances. A veritable melting pot.

16. Kitchen two.

But that's not to say we aren't impressed. 

The mini counter serves as a casual dining area while the light fixture gives it that tiny spark of pizzazz. The fresh bright wall behind the sink also serves to detract from any overbearing feelings of the Gothic nature.

17. Semi-octagon.

The octagonal dining booth is successful for two prime reasons.

Firstly, in the physical sense, there are few dining experiences that allow for such great social behavior and interaction as with this.

Secondly, it saves space architecturally, allowing for a more spacious regard to its surrounds. 

18. Round table.

Thirdly, (we know we said two reasons, but hey, that other house had two guest bedrooms) it looks fantastic.

19. Marbles.

The subtle tones of the bathroom add a naturally soothing and therapeutic feel to the room where it is most needed. Covered almost head to toe in the stunning marble tiling, the dun colors contribute to the wooden appeal of both this space and the house beyond. 

20. Wait for it.

Would you believe me if I said this was a guest bathroom?

21. The big show.

The real deal is waiting right here. An absolutely stunning master bedroom which takes a step toward the theme of the home with dark smoky coloring and a striped stone wall. The double vanity ensemble means a his and hers, or a his and his, or a hers and hers—the point is you get your own private space. Not such a commonality these days.

Enjoy it. 

Care to add anything to what you've seen? Perhaps there was something you would like to know more about? Let us know below!
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