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Have you ever walked into a room in your house and thought there was something missing? Nothing that you could put your finger on but just a certain something that would make the room feel a little more finished or perhaps make it have a bit more impact? We have and we think we've found a solution that you're going to love!

If you've strived to create a contemporary home, we think that a little more thought to your modern wall design could give your finished space the edge you're looking for. Whether it's using a brighter paint colour, adding some art or painting a mural, there is an ideal solution out there for you and your home, so let's take a look at our ideas!

Make a natural feature wall

While fantastically daring decorating tips are one of our specialties, when it comes to modern wall design, we think that simplicity can be your new best friend. Take this incredible stonework wall, from Jeost, as an example. The wall itself is beautiful, there's no denying that, but it's not a complicated concept. There's no abstract art or colour schemes at play, it is a naturally amazing feature wall.

We like that the only real addition is a subtle under stairs garden area, that further enhances the natural nature of the stone that has been used. What a powerful combination!

Opt for a really daring colour

Sticking with simple modern wall design techniques, have you considered painting a section of your chosen room in a really vibrant and unusual colour? No? Well maybe you should! 

When partnered with contemporary furniture and an overarching modern theme, bright colours don't stick out or draw attention to themselves in a negative way. Instead, they simply play the part of a supporting feature perfectly and add a certain something to your room that few other people will have. Even if it's just a sense of confidence, the difference in vibe will be positive and tangible!

Add interesting art

As we are talking about modern wall design here, we hope you won't be offended if we don't suggest flooding your walls with family photographs and instead, look to include some interesting and unusual art. If you have decided to use a contemporary design scheme throughout your home, art pieces will look perfectly at home, but introduce an element of uncertainty and excitement too. What does it mean? Should your guests like it? Art brings out the curiosities in us all!

We like to display art in clusters, thus making your walls a mini gallery of sorts, as we think this makes for the most impactful results.

Paint a mural

Even if you don't have artistic leanings yourself, don't worry, as there are plenty of fantastic artists out there that will be happy to be commissioned for a wall mural in your home. Modern wall design really allows you to step outside the confines of what has previously been thought of as the go to wall finishes, such as plain paint and wallpaper, to embrace new and exciting possibilities, such as hand painted murals of your own design.

Isn't this gently swaying tree design absolutely beautiful? The perfect addition to the warm ochre wall, it blends traditional tones with contemporary design in such a stunning way that it's hard to imagine anyone not having something similar!

Do a little upcycling

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles The London Tile Co. Walls & flooringTiles
The London Tile Co.

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

The London Tile Co.

If you've got a taste and flair for the slightly unusual then modern wall design is most definitely for you! As long as you like the end result, anything goes and we do mean anything; even reclaimed parquet flooring! You did read that right and yes, your eyes are giving a truthful account in this example.

We absolutely love the medley of tones, streaks of vintage paint and the way the wall parquet has been laid horizontally, while the floor showcases a traditional chevron pattern. Perfectly matched yet eminently different, the wall and floor make for an incredibly eye-catching and stunning installation that wouldn't be out of place in any living room!

Add some decorative storage

On first glance, this hallway storage made us think of pet cages, with the simple metal framework, and therein lies the joy of modern wall design; if you can imagine it, you can do it. A lovely and simple space, this hallway is elegant in a mushroom colour, with just a few pops of colour breaking up the heaviness. 

Perfect for storing handbags, umbrellas or even cycling accessories, we think these charming storage baskets really add a contemporary vibe to a traditional wall colour that has heritage undertones, but is still willing to accept a little fun!

Go green

We're not talking about paint this time, but instead, want to draw your attention to the fabulousness that is indoor living walls! Modern wall design is so freeing that you can shirk off everything you thought you knew about interior design and get right back to making yourself happy. Can you imagine how lovely it must be to have furry, air purifying walls scattered throughout your home? We can, which is why we are racing to the garden centre already!

If you prefer to stay a little more traditional with your wall coverings but feel a little out of your depth with painting, take a look at this Ideabook: The Secrets Of Painting A Wall Evenly. Before you know it, you'll be reaching for some neon colours with total confidence!

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