The perfect marriage of wood and stone

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Bielsko-Biała, dom - 230m2, razoo-architekci razoo-architekci Modern Bedroom
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Every now and again, we come across a home which is so extraordinary, we cannot help but share it with as many readers as possible. Today, we have found such a project, and in this case, it involves the perfect marriage of materials. We have no doubt that the style and quality of this home's interior design will astound you. 

Razoo Architekci are the interior architects to thank for the beautiful compositions we are about to see below. The house in question takes up 2476 ft² of floor space, but it's true strength and character can be found in the use of materials for the interior architecture. Dark stone and wood is used throughout this house's interior, and the combination of the two is so fitting, you will be endlessly enraptured in the its result. 

If you have a taste for contemporary design and a love for natural materials, you will quickly fall in love with this project. Get ready to immerse yourself in a masterpiece!

Romantic bedroom design.

The cool stone and warm wood of this modern bedroom is accentuated by the warm light provided by the ceiling lamp fixtures, which is subtly decorative and still natural.

Earthy delights.

What did we tell you? If this ensemble isn't supremely satisfying to all who behold it, we don't know what would be. 

Stone and timber combine to create a rhythmic and texture-rich landscape of earthy colors and warm textures. The best part is that with this natural inclination, this room is still utterly modern. Nature and contemporary trends meet in the perfect marriage of materials. 

Rustic yet modern kitchen.

The light wooden kitchen cabinets is perfectly contrasted by the charcoal stone countertops, and darker wooden flooring. This combination ensures a kitchen that is both modern and has a rustic flair. 

Steamy stone in the bathroom.

The dark stone which dominates in the bathroom creates a cool backdrop for the bathroom, which will provide balance when things get hot and steamy.

Lighting and details.

Still in the bathroom, we get another perspective of the space, displaying the shower and basin. Stone still dominates in this corner, but the warm wood is strategically used to highlight the space. This is further complimented by golden lighting, which is not overwhelming and just enough to brighten the space. 

As in the rest of this home, we can see how lighting had been functionally and decoratively employed to highlight the use of exceptional materials. Now take a look at how you can change your entire home simply by using lights effectively!

What are your thoughts on this home? We'd love to hear from you in the comments. 

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