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Bespoke or custom-made furniture is a sure shot way to ensure that your home is more YOU, reflecting your pick of style- rustic, classic chic, colonial or modern. Your home spaces, be it high or low on dimensions can be conveniently decked up be it your living room, kitchen-cum-dining room, bedroom, terrace deck or conservatory. Room decorators and interior designers are opting more & more for bespoke furniture to give the clients an ideal interpretation of their vision of home spaces.

Mostly preferred in hardwood and metal, bespoke furniture can easily fit into odd angles & nooks of the interior spaces and also be made as per the client’s height preferences, as compared to prefabricated furniture.

Today at homify, take a look at 19 inspiring bespoke furniture ideas that give your living spaces a new dimension of style & elegance besides serving as a priceless piece of furniture bedecking your home. Let’s go!

1. This singular green chair brings a pop of color & a dash of style into the modest hallway.

2. These 2 multifunctional tables,

… with a design inspired by modernism era architecture, can be conveniently combined and/or rotated to create a novel format, or used separately as you please.

3. Credenza charisma- colored veneer work crafted using traditional parquetry techniques and vacuum press.

4. The ritzy gold accents…

… of this time-honored fabric armchair are patterned with a subtle floral design accentuating the classic oak framing that melds in gracefully with the statement gold mirror on the wall.

5. Conventional floral patterns…

…  teamed with a sleek, glossy finish adorn this appealing dressing table; warm tonality of the wall-hung dresser complements the sober wallpaper and the padded yellow stool.

6. The embroidered luxurious classic sofa seat,

… crafted with fetching floral patterns & graceful arcs in golden shades, gels beautifully with the similarly colored art frames above.

7. This dark toned writing desk…

…  adds a prim dimension of alluring utility to the room sans overshadowing the neutral tones; note the leather & buckle details of the chair.

8. In the neat backdrop of the matte cream wall,

…  this statement console dolled up in the agelessness of black & white adds depth and visual appeal.

9. The white dressing table…

…  oozes traditional feel with the comfy padded stool; the white finish blends in seamlessly with the white curtains to lend a beautiful fluidity.

10. Complemented by the black & cream candles,

this white textured chair with dark framing rings in a generous dollop of style into the room.

11. The oval coffee table…

…  with an ashy gray top acts as a complementary base for the metallic vase, adding a hint of natural freshness.

12. This sophisticated black & white bedside table…

…  includes the light blue lamp with water-green shade, complementing the tranquil bedding brilliantly.

13. These plush leather sofas and the original coffee table extend an irresistible invite; the bespoke fireplace adds extra warmth.

14. The period style silver-framed funky chair makes for the perfect accompaniment to the bright gold sculpted mini table.

15. Just look at that illuminated funky shoe rack with a velvet finish & an eye-catching quirky design!

16. The sleek white desk…

…  matches the bespoke wall cubbies & the simplistic white swivel chair; the lovely bright cabinets offer additional storage & complement the vibrant rug.

17. With fun & unusual cuts, this white and red miniature cabinet is a definite must-have.

18. The simplicity of the white tones is…

…  strikingly contrasted by the brilliant shade of the blue cabinet having quirky legs; you could display trinket decor, toys and other accessories on the table top as well!

19. Rich wooden accents…

…  of this exquisite dining table and the charming yellow-brown stools fill this dining space with wholesome magnificence.

Do your home spaces boast of bespoke aesthetics?

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