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Landscaping: 7-steps to a perfect garden

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You don't need to overhaul your garden to make it perfect, in fact, some simple steps could transform it to the exact place you need it to be. 

Whether it’s the holiday season or smack bang in the middle of a work term, we all need a getaway to a different environment sooner or later. The beach, lake, forest or mountains are all prime choices to help us forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, a break is not always possible, and this is most often because of work or budgetary reasons. The good news, however, is that you can still treat your family to a restful and fun holiday – if you have a garden where you can get stylishly creative. 

Imagine breaking away to a fantastic R&R spot every single weekend to recharge with the family, or catch up with the friends. This might drastically improve the work week! But don’t think that you need acres and acres of garden to transform it into a stylish resort-like facility. 

Your dream garden is merely limited by your creativity. So, start planning. With our 7 tips below, you’ll be well on your way to a permanent holiday in your very own backyard!

1. Space for movement

Those who have their own yard can vouch how fortunate they are – it’s their own space that allows them to relax and tune out the world. So why not use this as your ideal getaway spot, or to socialise with the friends next time it’s your turn to host the get together?

Fernanda Gastelum proposes this simple image as an example of how to achieve a rustic and charming garden for your own backyard vacation zone: small potted plants, an outdoor dining space, a lounger or two for relaxation, and lots of space to move around (you don’t want to feel cramped).

2. Separate sections

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

A spacious patio is fantastic, but it does come with a certain responsibility. Not adequately making use of its roominess, or failing to decorate it sufficiently, will be a true waste. So how about dividing it into different sections, however big or small, and designating a theme/colour/pattern for each section?

A great idea is to assign each section to a different hobby or need of your family (i.e. dining, sitting, playing/running if you have little ones), and then base your decor on those needs. Remember to use a colour palette to make your garden/yard truly stand out.

It’s all about the details – so be sure to check out homify’s brilliant collection of gardens to inspire you!

3. Ideal furniture

What is the point of having a beautiful garden or spectacular terrace if you have no place to sit and enjoy it? A comfortable chair can go a long way to helping you relax. And come winter time, take a blanket and cup of tea/hot chocolate with you for some hot company when indulging in your R&R spot. 

This is sure to enhance your comfort level, either by yourself or with those jovial friends. 

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor, wood or wicker, see the options that Out & Out Original have on offer.

4. A pergola roof

A comfortable and relaxing garden/terrace will no doubt want to be shared with friends and family. Well, chances that it’ll become a social hotspot are slim if unruly weather gets in the way.

We can’t guarantee protection against a tornado, but a pergola roof can certainly withstand some harsh sunshine and a bit of drizzle. Imagine sitting down for a relaxing afternoon glass of wine, only you don’t have to worry about sweating it out in the sun – your pergola roof will do that for you. 

Plus, the right style of pergola always makes a garden or patio look ultra glamorous!

5. Al fresco cooking

Food certainly has a unique power to pull everyone together and make the evening sublime – why do you think everyone always flocks to the kitchen? If you don’t feel like hitting the town with the family or friends (too crowded, or too expensive), then consider bringing the good times to your home – or back yard. 

A barbecue grill is pure magic when it comes to socialising, as the warmth of the fire (and conversation) immediately pulls everyone closer. You are spoiled for choice when picking out a griller (this country style model certainly has a unique design), so depending on your available space, the world is your oyster!

6. Hot tub, anyone?

Who’s up for some al fresco bubbles (and we’re not referring to champagne)? A whirlpool tub can be just the thing to heat up any social gathering. And if it’s in the middle of summer, then cool off those sweaty summer nights by setting the temperature to a lower setting.

Or how about adding some candles and wine for a romantic evening with your partner? Remember that the lighting at your hot tub is of the utmost importance – you want the area to appear mystical and relaxing, so opt for soft and amber lighting, as shown in our example. 

Or for some exciting events with friends, colourful lighting can also work a treat to take the merriment to a whole new level.

7. Get your swim on

Do you want your garden to become the social hotspot where you can make festive memories with friends and family? Or would you just like to get in shape and have fun while doing it? Swimming pool! It guarantees hours, days and weeks of fun, and your weekends will be a lot cooler – holiday or not. 

For an otherworldly touch, add some colour-changing LED lighting to your pool and watch those colours change while you enjoy swim time. You could even set the lighting to match your pool party theme and enjoy hosting the social event of the season – right in your own back yard! 

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered – see our homify-approved tips on: Hosting A Housewarming Party To Remember.

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