Top 5: from the home that's 400 ft² to 7 tricks to attract money into your home with Feng Shui!

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We are happy to be back at the end of another week. Great things have happened this week, we have seen so many amazing projects and the pick of the top 5 of this past week was a tough one. But we start with the most popular article, and to be honest, our favorite too, A Magical Small Space: The Home That's 400 ft² where we show you that small living can be unique and beautiful. We follow it up with 11 Gorgeous Homes To Make Your Head Spin, we pit stop at: Bedroom decoration: ideas for a unique room. Then we move on to a prefab home that has the plans: A prefabricated home that'll answer your housing prayers, and trust us, it will answer all your prayers. 

And we follow with the cherry on top: Do you believe in Feng Shui? 7 tricks to attract money into your home!

Yes.. all of these wonderful stories brought back here for you. Shall we?

1.) A Magical Small Space: The Home That's 400 ft².

The art of being happier with less is becoming common practice, and what better style to teach us than Japanese architecture? And what better example to have of that style than this minimal and unassuming home? So simply designed with few rooms, and just the bare essentials, this minute home is peaceful, harmonious and quiet. 

Click here to see this beauty! 

2.) 11 Gorgeous Homes To Make Your Head Spin.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home where he or she can spend priceless moments with near and dear ones? After all, a house is much more than a structure that protects you from the world. It inspires you, soothes you, nurtures you and motivates you. Which is why; creative and unique planning and designing go a long way in infusing a residence with charm, grandeur and personality. 

Click here to see the other homes! 

3.) Bedroom decoration: ideas for a unique room.

 Interior designers are well aware of how personal your bedroom needs to be, which is why we've taken a look at some of the unique touches they include in clients' spaces, to show you them today! If you want to inject a little well thought out but also unique design into your bedroom, come with us as we show you how!

See the article here

4.) A prefabricated home that'll answer your housing prayers.

Compact, cheap but completely cool modular design is well-represented in the pre-fabricated 'kubu' house by Germany's THULE Blockhaus

This German-designed prefabricated house is assembled from modular elements that are constructed offsite to template designed, and assembled onsite in an extraordinarily short period of time. The all adds up to an incredibly cost-effective property that doesn't sacrifice cool contemporary good looks. Plus how cool is it to be able to order a house and step inside it just a few weeks later?

Click here to see it built.

Do you believe in Feng Shui? 7 tricks to attract money into your home!

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with the surrounding environment.

One of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, called physiognomy, it is all about the observation of appearances through formulas and calculations. It is based on the principle that invisible forces bind the universe, earth and humanity together. Let's look at seven Feng Shui tricks that, according to Chinese philosophy, will attract money into your home, bringing you wealth and prosperity. 

Click here to find out more! 

Did your article or favorite home make it to our top 5?

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