Make your guests feel more at home with these 13 bedroom decor steps

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When we have people visiting and staying with us, we are ready to impress them, either by showing them our city, the best local restaurant or even our home. We become the ultimate hosts! (Or we aim for it!) 

If you have an extra room in your home that you don't know what to do with it, or you are looking to spruce up your current guest bedroom, we got 13 steps for you to make your guests feel more at home. So let us call the professionals to help on this one. 

Let's make these rooms cozy and let's also dress them to impress. Shall we? 

1. Cozy bed & fun art.

How incredible is this bed? Can't you just see yourself having the best dreams in it? We certainly can. What makes this bedroom interesting is the combination of the colors and the fun wall art. Muuuuuuuuuuuu.

2. Funky decor.

Why does your guest bedroom have to be all adult-like? Well, it doesn't. Here is a great example of what a little decal can do to a room. Not only does it look chic it also looks fun! Atari games anyone?

3. Storage.

Make space for storage! People visiting will always be with their suitcase and gear, and living from a suitcase is never fun. 

4. Minimal.

Minimal will always equate to chic and clean and it never goes out of style. Can you imagine this room ever becoming boring or outdated?

5. Work desk.

Having a work desk is always a good idea. Depending on your guest, a space to sit and read, work on their laptop or just that extra space will add charm to the room. 

7. Lighting.

Lighting is key. The worst situation is when you walk into a room and can't find the switch or have poor reading light. This is easily fixable with table lamps, standing lamps and depending on the light, it could be a work of art in itself. 

8. Rest area.

If you have the space, why not create a mini lounge area for your guest bedroom. A rug, a couch and some pillows will do wonders for any room. 

9. Space for more storage.

More storage, please! Closet storage, clean desks and tables are all quite helpful for your guests things. 

10. Using colors.

Don't be afraid to use colors. Colors can be added on the walls, with the furniture, and with any simple decor bedroom, the sheets are a great way to add that pop into a room. 

11. Balcony.

This is the ultimate bedroom space. The balcony/ terrace makes any room more appealing. It is the passage way from inside to outside without leaving your room. A way for you to look out into the world from the comfort of a bedroom. 

12. Entertainment.

This is crucial, entertaining your guests is the whole reason why you have a guest room to begin with. A TV is the basic entertainment tool. But you don't have to limit the room entertainment to just one TV. Games, books, can add a lot to a bedroom. 

13. Access.

Probably the most important thing for a guest is access. Being able to come and go at any time will make your guests feel comfortable and most importantly, they will not bother you. 

Do you have a guest room that needs a spruce up? 

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