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Have you ever felt nostalgic about times that seemed more elegant with splashes of sophistication? Well, perhaps it’s time to get into a time machine and bring your living room back to classic.

Elegant living rooms that embrace classical décor, displaying a fine design without being too ostentatious about it. In these well-designed traditional rooms, the gentle curves of antique furniture, whether that is a sofa or a chest of drawers, give an impression of soft elegance.

But the inclusion of beautiful classic furniture will not solely suffice for your room to turn back in time. You will need to change your textiles and fabrics, switching to soothing and neutral palettes, incorporating some crystal features and, of course, tying the room together with delicate decorative touches.   

Let’s discover how to embrace your nostalgia and dress your living room in classic style.

The beauty of a classic sofa

An elegant and sophisticated living room must of course include a great sofa. In the image above, for example, we can observe how the luxurious sofa brings a sense of beauty to the room.

However, sometimes such a sofa will come with an expensive price tag. If it’s beyond your budget to buy a new one, you can always find a classic sofa from second-hand shops. Pay attention to its condition though as you want a sofa that will last.

Use antique furniture

Unique Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Trunk Upcycled Living room bedroom wooden cabinet toy storage gold leaf shelves: Curtis1 AM Florence Living room
AM Florence

Unique Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Trunk Upcycled Living room bedroom wooden cabinet toy storage gold leaf shelves: Curtis1

AM Florence

To create a classical décor you will need to use antique furniture. In your attic perhaps there is furniture from past generations that can become a vintage element to add a sense of warmth, history and character into your living room.

But if you don’t you can always find budget-friendly choices in second-hand shops and flea markets. As repurposing is such a current trend, antique furniture can be transformed into a novel form to fit the aesthetic of your living room.

Take for example this amazing vintage suitcase. With a stunning shiny gold interior and an outer coat made from Florentine manuscript, it is perfect for becoming a storage unit for your books and wines.

Crystal to make it elegant

In a classic interior design, crystal plays a prominent role. You should try to incorporate some crystal elements for a touch of unique elegance. In the picture above, the crystal chandelier hangs despotically from the ceiling, adding a mesmerizing dazzle to the room.

If you choose to go for a grand crystal chandelier, you should follow the mantra of classic design that commands attention without being overbearing. Also, since a crystal chandelier will be as fine as its crystals, you should make a few inquiries regarding their quality.

The rule of thumb is that the clearer the crystal the better its quality. You should note that quality crystals are highly reflective, creating colourful displays. There is no other decorative element that can bring such elegance as crystal.

Shiny surfaces

Shiny surfaces are another must for classical décor. The floor will be a great start to incorporate a shining element into your living room. In the image above, the porcelain tiles with a finer grained and smooth glaze, give luxurious personality to the room with their shining faces. Porcelain tiles, besides being shiny, are quite durable, thus making them suitable for high traffic rooms.  

Mirrors and classical décor go hand-in-hand. If having a porcelain floor seems too expensive, consider adding a mirror in your living room. For an extra touch of elegance, choose a large mirror that has a thick golden frame with engravings.

Textures and fabrics

The textures and fabrics that will comprise your living room should be of classic style as well. Quiet palette colours usually denote an underrated charm that matches the elegance you wish to achieve. Hence, your fabrics can embrace neutral colour hues, such as beige, ivory, black, white and grey. As for the texture of classic décor, upholstered and leather are the way to go.

We love the living room in the image above that embraces colour accents of black, white and beige on its sofas, armchairs and carpet. Along with the rest of furniture, they give the room a soft yet sophisticated allure.

The importance of prints, paintings and ornaments

Last but not least, the throwback to a more a classical era should embrace the importance of prints, paintings and ornaments. As a general note, art, in whatever form, gives a unique character to any room by becoming an extension of its owner.

In the picture above, painting and sculptures bring an elegant aesthetic to the living room. As you can observe, the themes of the paintings range from abstract realism to post-modern, but what ties them with the classical décor is their framing.

Your nostalgia for a sophisticated era might not require a time machine but just a few changes in your interior décor. From antique furniture to paintings, your living room is just a few steps away from becoming a beacon of elegance!

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