12 budget ways to pimp your patio

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Cottage Garden, Cheshire Barnes Walker Ltd Rustic style garden
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If your patio has seen better days, it's time to think about some bargain hacks that you can employ to give it a much needed primp! With summer just around the corner, you know you'll be using it more, plus, if you have a pretty garden already in place, why ruin it with a tatty or uninspiring old patio? 

Landscape architects are geniuses when it comes to creating cost-effective but beautiful garden additions, and we think we've honed in on some of their secrets—so come with us now as we spill the beans!

1. Plant some vibrant border plants.

Little Eden Aralia Country style garden Stone Beige

Little Eden


Get yourself to your local garden centre and invest in some pretty and colourful border plants that will frame your patio and give it an instant refresh. You'll probably find a lot of deals right now too, as spring is the key season for planting!

2. Try some bright cushions.

If you have furniture on your patio already, chuck out your old cushions and invest in some new, vibrant ones. You'll be shocked at how easily they make your whole furniture set look brand new!

3. Add some gorgeous lanterns.

Don't think that you need to invest in a serious lighting set up, as a few standalone lanterns will give your patio a whole new lease of life! Simple wire designs won't cost much and candles are so cheap!

4. Stain your decking.

For a really big change for not a lot of money, how about re-staining your decking, in a new shade? Choose something rich, like a teak effect, and people will think you've spent hundreds on a whole new patio.

5. Stain your furniture.

Rear garden patio with climbers Barnes Walker Ltd Rustic style garden
Barnes Walker Ltd

Rear garden patio with climbers

Barnes Walker Ltd

While you are considering staining, your furniture, if it's made from wood, could also use a coat of something a little more eye-catching! You will need to oil it anyway, so why not add a little colour too?

6. Add some potted trees.

Potted plants always make a patio come to life, but for a little extra extravagance, try some potted trees. Large or small varieties will work well and if you're feeling creative, how about a little topiary injection?

7. Oooh! This racking for plants is amazing!

If you love your plants, a wall rack is a great choice for you! Imagine how much greener and more inviting your patio will look, if you have a living wall in place! Choose industrial racking and you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost.

8. Build your own barbecue.

Le Pres de Bas CCD Architects Patios & Decks
CCD Architects

Le Pres de Bas

CCD Architects

Whether you're a total bricklaying novice or an expert, you'll be able to knock up a fantastic built-in barbecue in a weekend! Just scale your design back to fit your level of expertise, fire it up and enjoy!

9. Add a shingle border.

A border around your patio will always make it look professionally-finished and just a little more put together and shingle is so cheap that you'd be crazy not to consider a shingle border! 

10. Just have a good clean and declutter.

If you like the simple approach, then how about committing to a really good cleaning and decluttering session, outside? Grab the pressure-washer and remove any grime and clear away anything you don't use or don't like anymore. Et voila, a new space!

11. Hanging baskets are a great boost!

Hanging baskets are so easy and quick to install and with garden centres readily selling fully planted and ready to hang varieties, this is a really quick tip! Choose some modern brackets and you'll love the look!

12. A simple water feature will lift the whole space.

Extended living space - Manchester Hannah Collins Garden Design
Hannah Collins Garden Design

Extended living space—Manchester

Hannah Collins Garden Design

If you've never had a water feature on your patio before, now's the time to consider one! You can buy self-contained varieties that add a hugely beautiful aesthetic, but require no complicated plumbing. Perfection!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: DIY: 14 cheap and easy ways to improve your garden or terrace.

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