The Grand Redesign of a Historic Home

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Possibly one of the most unique projects we've seen on homify is the restoration and conversion of this historical villa in Germany. The villa tells a fascinating tale of German culture and architecture throughout its long life. While the old villa has been magnificently restored to its best possible condition, the huge modern extension tells a different story. 

The project was envisaged by Skandella, and as you will soon see, is a clever amalgamation of built form, light and layout. The team from Skandella have created a new internal and external spatial relationship between the two architecture styles and you simply must see it for yourself.

Scroll downwards to begin the tour. 

Old home hiding new tricks

Only a couple of years ago this old villa was crumbling into disrepair. Many people would prefer for the villa to be simply renovated to look and feel exactly as it had from when it was first built but sometimes this is not always possible. The old homes we've grown accustomed to and learnt to love just cannot keep up with the changing needs of those who own it. However, change can be exciting and a great thing, as you will soon see.

A stark contrast

Wow! The contrast between the extension and existing villa is very striking. The bold, symmetrical form of the new four level building is a wonderful architectural expression and adds a totally new dimension to the original building. Today, the villa is now used to house a business rather than a family. Let's continue our tour and see how…

Modern functionality and appeal added

From this perspective, we can see a wonderful contrast between the original villa building and the newly introduced extension. Skandella have considered all the different textural qualities and material finishes of the two architectural styles. Notice how both styles are allowed a certain prominence but without one dominating the other.  

A thoughtful modern inclusion was the large glass doors that not only open up the internal setting to the outside world, but also allow for an abundance of natural light to enter—an absolute god send for older buildings. 

Old and new as one

Inside, the combination of pale timber flooring and a monochrome scheme helps create a continuous line of sight that draws the eye down the corridor. The original stone internal walls has been restored and looks amazing beside the crisp white walls and ceiling. 

Bright and open

A monochromatic scheme is always on trend and is the epitome of elegance and class. The spatial layout of this communal area is smart, with our attention drawn to the original double-height ceilings and a general sense of openness. To avoid any dark and hidden spaces, certain original windows were enlarged and additional windows added to ensure that every nook and cranny is always well illuminated.

A welcoming environment for discussion

In most modern organisations the managers, employees and clients all spend a considerable amount of time in meetings and group sessions. They can often be a mundane part of organisation life but are hugely essential. However, with a meeting room as wonderful as this it's easy to predict that most would be more than happy to spend considerable time here considering how well set-out the room is. 

It is well-known that people work better in a setting that is lit by natural light rather than being illuminated by artificial lighting. This meeting room has been designed with this in mind and has been coordinated based upon the path of the sun to ensure the internal setting is always well lit during the daytime. 

Views across the horizon

Before we leave this amazing project we are privileged gain access to the rooftop terrace on the fourth level. Endless views are always on display up here with the picturesque rural setting providing the perfect backdrop for someone to enjoy their morning tea break. 

Some of our favourite projects on the homify platform are those which see an older building converted into something completely new. Click the following link for a memorable conversion that saw old horse stables converted into a luxurious home: The Stable Investment House.

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