Retro-style furniture dolls up this vintage home

Appartamento a Viareggio, Marco Innocenti Architetto Marco Innocenti Architetto Interior design
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Today’s homify account celebrates a dwelling with oodles of chic vintage character and the originality of retro furniture. This home, created by Italy based architects from MARCO INNOCENTI ARCHITETTO, is a charming abode of contemporary details, woody nobility and the timeless charm that is typical of retro-style furniture.

This retro style allows for spectacular results in interior design in a very convenient manner. Used, antique and reclaimed furniture lends a nostalgic vintage ambiance to the home, thereby imparting a distinct flair of singularity.

This article gives you a sneak peek into the stylish temperament of vintage Italian furniture in a modish Viareggio based home that has been given a renewed vibrancy with a generous dollop of antiquity. Curious? Let’s explore!

Ringing in the '60s & '70s.

In the living room, the industrial style metal staircase finds accompaniment in the Italian sofa and armchairs, reminding of the '60s trends. The oak parquet flooring with its warm tones, however, conveys a more recent industrial style that sits pretty with the old- world finesse. The huge windows and jazzy cushions are much more contemporary suggestions. Look at the wall decor!

Moving onto the lounge, the American oval coffee table is centered on the '70s style Bolle centerpiece. Vintage ceramics zing up the white walls, by lively colored pieces elegantly displayed in the niches. The black upholstery on the sofa makes a bold statement, contrasting brilliantly with the shiny parquet flooring.

Sumptuousness, '50s style.

The dining area, accommodating 4, boasts of a totally new space organization and has been largely furnished employing retro elegance. Well lighted by artificial as well as natural lighting, this alluring dining space has a fetching dining set- a round table matched with the classic DAW chairs, a real style icon of the 1950s. Inspirational, isn’t it?

Hearty style: modern meets retro with industrial whispers.

In the kitchen, the style seems to be quite industrial at the first glance, with the pipes from the sink left in sight and the generous use of steel. However, the floor and wall claddings suggest otherwise. The blue cement clay tiles on floor and the shiny eggplant-hued wall tiles convincingly introduce the vintage elements in this kitchen.

The light wooden Italian countertop of the 1960s, the red 1970s American style chairs & painted gray-blue dining table lavish the nostalgic feel. Contemporary equipment add the modular touch. Modern industrial and vintage styles have been given the perfect chromatic union, tastefully proving how thoughtful design can make the same room shine in different styles simultaneously.

Grace & repose.

In the bedroom, oak parquet along with the lively lavender hues of the walls lend a truly restful vibe. This palliative tonality is echoed by the violet colored curtains and bed linen; the upholstery is Italian as well! The simplistic interior design allows the lavender & violet shades take the center-stage to make this lovely bedroom cozy and chic.

The attached bathroom has the wall bearing similar tones. The elaborately framed mirror contrasts beautifully with the simplicity of the squared shapes from the 1960s. Cacti have been employed to add a fresh element of decor.

Another aspect of restfulness.

In the second bedroom, the freshness of pastel green beckons you. With this soothing background shade, the primary colors of the lamp and ceramic decor stand out yet again in vintage style. The wall decor adds a designer pop. The wooden furniture, however, contributes to maintaining a no-frills ambiance.

As you enter the attached bathroom, vintage details wow you again. In addition to the cast iron bathtub and rectangular wall tiles, the antique shapes of faucets and side table ring in the old world charm. The 70's radio, keeping the mug planters company on the side table, is a smashing hack that gives a vintage soul to this space.

Retrieved attic furnished with élan.

Going up the metal staircase, you reach the redesigned attic space. Thanks to the new distribution of the interior spaces, you have in the attic another small living area and a library with a peppy reading nook (not visible in this image) - a welcome change from its original use as a simple cluttered storage room. The skylight is a smart lighting fixture! The white chairs are sure shot showstoppers.

New functionalities of the attic have been fully appreciated by the consideration, care & attention put into choosing the jazzy pieces that make up the furniture. In the library, Italian chairs from the 1960s are complemented by wooden furniture, golden frames and modish ceramics, thus accomplishing the ideal balance of vintage & modern. Placing decor pieces over the built-in bookcase adds a dapper touch.

How does the retro touch pimp up your modern abode?

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