9 Ideas to beat the heat this Summer

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During these increasingly hot summer months, it is a struggle for almost everyone to beat the heat. Staying indoors is a great alternative during this period but it can be made even more comfortable by using these nine amazing ideas to decrease the temperature within the house.

1. Windows

If you have alot windows in your home then they too can prove to be useful for reducing the temperature within your home. By keeping the windows closed during the daytime you will be able to eliminate the inflow of hot air and by opening them at night you will be able to incorporate cool breeze within your home.

2. Enclosed balconies

We all have balconies in our homes and they are mostly in direct contact of Sunlight. By enclosing these balconies with false ceiling or shades you will be able to reduce the amount of heat that fall on your main walls. This can also make for a great place to sit if you want to enjoy the outdoor view

3. Rain shower heads

Most of us often prefer to take long soaking baths during the summers but it is not always feasible due to the lack of water. The best way to beat the heat within your home is by installing a rain shower head that makes you feel like you are in a tropical heaven.

4. Swimming pool

If you have enough area in your backyard than building a small swimming pool can be an excellent idea for this summer. You can adjust the size of the pool depending on your family size so that all of you can enjoy together.

5. Breathable fabric

Getting rid of the heat can be made pretty easy by changing your bedcovers.  Instead of using thick fabrics it is advised that you opt for cotton sheets which are breathable. These neutral colour sheets will not transfer your body heat into the mattress which means you will be able to sleep more comfortably.  

6. Indoor garden

We all love sitting in our gardens and spending quality time with our loved ones but this is not always possible during summer months. An excellent idea that will allow you to get the feel of outdoors is by creating an indoor garden. You can choose locally available plants so that they are easy to maintain during this time.

7. Put-up curtains

The other thing that you must consider while you are trying to deal with heat is putting up curtains wherever possible. By covering the windows with blinds or curtains you will be able to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred in the room.

8. Ventilation

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Having proper ventilation in small rooms can prove to be a lifesaver for the extremely hot summer months. Ventilators can be combined with exhaust fans and can be placed in rooms like bathrooms. They help in reducing the feeling of suffocation and stuffiness that high temperature creates.

9. CFL lights

One of the simplest ways of reducing the indoor temperature is by changing your light bulbs. If you use the commonly found yellow light bulbs then it is important for you to know the amount of heat they generate. By switching them over for CFL lights you will be able to reduce the electrically generated heat to almost 70%.

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