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We know that not everybody has the garden space or budget for a pool, but now that summer looks to be well and truly on the way, we can't help but dream about the style we'd have if we had the money! Come on, it doesn't hurt to fantasize a little, does it? Ask any landscape architect and they'll tell you that the right pool can be a really beautiful addition to your garden and more than that, it will add value to your home as well! With that kind of encouragement in mind, we wonder if we could squeeze something into our garden, perhaps one of these…

Stretched out to infinity!

The setting is playing a big part in how incredible this pool looks, but don't overlook the fabulous infinity styling! A simple long and rectangular pool looks instantly more spectacular when it seems to roll over the edge! We just love how unfussy this is!

Using those corners!

The great thing about a custom swimming pool is that you can design it to fit any space perfectly and the shaping here is just unreal! A simple and plain pool floor keeps the look modern and fresh and some handy steps mean that this would be a great pool for everyone to enjoy.

A new take on luxury.

AMAZING! This is one of the largest pools that we have ever seen, but when you notice that there is a bar built in, you realize why so much space was needed! Can you imagine the pool parties you could have here? Seriously, this is a pool to socialize in!

Modest luxury.

This might be a little smaller than some of the other styles we've shown you, but that doesn't make it any less luxurious and fantastic! Prove that you don't need a massive garden to be able to enjoy a stylish pool, the gentle curve really does add a nuance of bespoke design here.

Angled for pleasure.

Doesn't this just look like a snapshot of a tropical sea? The crystal clear turquoise water, encased in simple white stone, just takes luxury pools to a whole new level and check out that view as well! The funky shape really makes sure that the pool is as large as possible too.

Rooftop secret.

Rooftop pools might be our new favorite thing! If you don't know they're there, what a super surprise! Add in the fact that you will have so much more space to play with as well! The simplicity of this design is what makes it so sophisticated.

Pretty like glass.

Let's finish with a truly exceptional pool, shall we? Look at the way this one doesn't step down or make any noise about where the surround ends and the water begins. So modern and sleek, this is an incredible design for any minimalist garden or upmarket home!

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Which of these styles is definitely perfect for you?

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