Stylish apartment shines in dark colors

"Bauhaus". Apartment in Kiev , Kornienko-Partners Kornienko-Partners
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The dwelling we are going to tour in homify today, has been created by the architects from the Kiev based Kornienko-Partners. Singing in dark & bold colors, this modern home bears an interior design that conveys smart contemporary thinking. Hop onto the homify wagon as we get up, close & personal with the interiors of this amazing modern home, and take your pick for ideas to copy in your own spaces. Ready? Let’s go!

Endearingly restful.

This bedroom, again blending rustic & modern styles, is a true promise of coziness. The dark shiny blue-green curtain stands out in the otherwise neutral palette. Different types of lighting along with ample natural light through the windows illuminate this room. Bonsai decor on the window-sill, metallic decor pieces by the bedside/ over the headboard and the elegant art piece for wall decor deck up the bedroom.

Floor plan.

The blueprint showing the floor plan reveals a thoughtful consideration given to every living space, to create a home with well planned and desirable spaces.

Entering the house, the corridor blends modern and rustic styles with an industrial touch through the lighting. On one side, you can see bold colors & matte surfaces and on the other you see a white brick wall illuminated contemporarily along the corner of the ceiling. The industrial lights along the center of the ceiling light up the path as you move towards the social spaces, walking on the shiny light wooden parquet floor. A really smart hack is the huge mirror on the brick wall, that reflects light to add up to the luminous accents and also gives an illusion of a bigger space.

Boldly innovative & hearty.

The kitchen-cum-dining area shows a novel style of design, employing dark gray and wood. Look at those lights! The Bonsai decor is refreshing.

The well equipped kitchen has overhead wall cabinets having different depths from the wall- the lower wooden ones bear lighting to illuminate the counter space with the upper gray ones supplementing it and the ceiling light adding further to the luminosity.

Here you can clearly see the wooden dining set with the wooden breakfast bar at right angles to it. The striking ceiling lights clad in white light up the dining area.

The white brick wall adjacent to the kitchen continues into the corridor as you saw before; the color contrast between the white, dark gray and wood looks neat. A part of the couch sitting in the lounging area is also visible.

Sassy professional corner.

Leading from the social areas through the dark gray- framed glass doors, you reach the home-office nook. The dark blue walls make the wood & white elements shine. The bright yellow ceiling is another chic suggestion of contemporary zing.

Versatility at its best.

This vibrant study/ office space is one with multifaceted elements. Every component has a functional charm- be it the table, the yellow drawers, the wall cubbies, the motivational wall decor or the comfy sofa-cum-bed with storage AND display. Bright, colorful yet sober, this study/ office is replete with visually appealing practicality.

Flamboyance of dark hues.

Taking a look at this media corner, you can see how the interplay of dark colors and brilliant lighting effects has been employed to lend a classy modern feel to the interior design.

Last but not the least, the compact yet super sophisticated bathroom has been given the fetching suggestions of wood effect tiles and wooden flooring along with white sanitary ware, gray-black wall tiles, spacious vanity, big bathtub, shower cabin, large mirror and of course, smart lighting. The Bonsai decor freshens up the whole scene further.

How do dark colors pimp up your home spaces?

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