11 creative kitchens and dining areas to get your senses tingling!

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If you've been thinking that what you create and enjoy in your kitchen and dining area is the only creative element needed, think again! We want you to feel inspired to push the design boat out a little more and to that end, have found some absolutely gorgeous rooms to show you today, each of which will make you think a little more about the colors you're using and the aesthetic that you are hoping to capture. Seriously, the interior designers that masterminded these projects were absolutely at the top of their game, so let's take a look at what they've created and see which elements you'd like to include in your home!

1. A rainbow delight!

Let's start with the kitchen here, as it is a lemon dream! With citrus accents throughout and a bold decision to match the cabinets to the walls, this is such a vibrant space! The external walls really set you up for the color overload as well!

Panning out, we can now see what a triumph the dining area is as well as the kitchen! Eclectic patterns and really distinctive colors are coming together to create one of the most enigmatic and fun dining spaces that we've ever seen. The size of the table really adds some drama as well!

2. All-white everything.

Just because you have decided to have an all-white kitchen and dining room, it doesn't mean that it has to look boring or understated! We think white is one of the boldest color choices out there, especially en masse and this charming room is certainly not dispelling that belief! Bright and chic!

3. Earth tones.

The mix of green and natural wood in this kitchen look amazing, because they are colors and hues that have been drafted in, directly from nature. Modern yet strangely classic, we are in love with how much storage has been packed in here and how unapologetically unusual the color choice is for a kitchen!

The dining space here is just as you's expect; a continuation of the earth tones! The green and wood accents have been pulled through, but have been accented with an amazing patterned wall and ceiling design as well! What a way to keep an open-plan room a little more defined!

4. Those accents though!

At first glance, this looks to be a classic all-white and wood kitchen/diner, but look again and you'll see that turquoise has been drafted in as a wonderfully tropical accent! The L-shaped design of the kitchen allows for easy use and a spacious feel, but it's the dining area that we are really in love with.

Look at the way the kitchen island has doubled up as a breakfast bar here! So sleek and unfussy, with bags of storage included, we are staggered by the symmetry with the windows. It almost feels as though everyone eating has their own private viewing window!

5. Blink and you'll miss it.

You think that the breakfast bar is the dining area that we're looking at here? Well, it's not! The joy of this beautiful and bright white kitchen is that it offers easy use AND a dedicated dining area, in front of the window.

CLEAR CHAIRS! Well it's no wonder we didn't see this table straight away! Just look at that view that diners get to enjoy though! This really is clever design!

6. Small and mighty.

There's no getting away from the fact that this kitchen is charming as hell and enjoys a fantastically practical layout, but where is the dining area?

Spin around and you find that the kitchen opens up into a larger space that has more than enough room for a sweet yet small circular dining table. It's the perfect finishing touch!

7. Mad for monochrome.

Now this is something we could get on board with! A bright white kitchen offers all the cooking facilities that you'd need, but it has been wonderfully contrasted with a black dining table set! Defining where one space ends and the next begins, without walls, this classic color scheme works so well!

8. Hybrid hotness!

What a cacophony of styles! A checkerboard floor looks vintage-inspired, while the kitchen cabinets are super modern, but then just look at the dining area! Retro chairs and a large table add in an ever-changing element to this open-plan space and keeps us on our toes!

9. All about family.

This is such a refreshing kitchen/diner! In most cases, the kitchen is the larger installation, but here, a small and perfunctory kitchen has given way to a beautiful and homely rustic dining area, complete with an enormous table! What a way to defy expectations.

10. Contemporary cool.

This kitchen and dining are is so beautiful that we are going to show you a host of pictures of it. From a pared back and almost industrial kitchen installation through to vintage-inspired dining chairs and amazing use of metallic accents, this is a very fluid room that demands your attention!

Just look at these amazing metal chairs! The way the dining area has been simply tagged onto the end of the kitchen work surface makes for such a seamless installation, but there is a real gravitas!

This hob block really alters our perception of integrated appliances!

The hanging herb boxes here are just spectacular!

We might be a little obsessed with this copper task lighting!

11. Sleeker than you'd expect.

What we love about this kitchen is that all of the storage is so effortlessly hidden away, behind sleek, handleless doors! The white finish looks so modern and fresh and it has been perfectly accented with stainless steel appliances and an integrated hob.

Perfectly positioned to take advantage of the glass wall and the views that it offers, this dining table is absolutely the epitome of the simple and stylish Scandinavian aesthetic. Love those retro chairs and the inclusion of a lovely splash of natural wood!

This kitchen really does have it all, seeing as the home office is located above it, on a mezzanine!

Despite having a large dining table in place, there is also a handy breakfast bar! It's so nice to have casual and formal dining potential.

The perfect balance of natural wood and white throughout this kitchen/diner is amazing. We may have found our new design aesthetic!

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Which of these spaces will linger in your memory?

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