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9 simple ideas for a minimal modern room

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We love to splurge where we can, especially at the beginning of the month when that paycheck comes in full and the tax man takes a break. But ask any student; minimal is the real way to go, because it's simple, it's stylish and it opens up the space inside a home.

More than that, a minimal modern attitude in a room removes the clutter and clash of chaotic decor and leaves you feeling satisfied with a room that embraces simplicity itself. 

Take a look at our fantastic line up of easier ways to achieve that pennywise state inside your own home!

1. Breakfast.

This room radiates modernity. Outdoor furniture used to populate an indoor dining room. A magnificent wooden dining table.

This room keeps eyes on what's really important at meal times—you.

2. Floor workout.

The color scheme of this modern bedroom is divine. A simple gray scale, it accentuates the view outside in so many ways. 

The double glass doors add all the natural light one needs, while the room is finished with a smoky appeal.

3. Stacked.

This bedroom is one we would love to jump into. It has gone for the vintage uncaring look, a bit like a person playing hard to get—and so doubling the appeal.

The mattress-on-slats is inspired, but the real joy is those bedside tables carved from stumps. And the lack of any other meaningful furniture. 

4. Studio.

Home office you say?

Fear not. We will whip one right up for you. Never mind the cabinets and shelves, and files. All it takes is a great wall picture, a simple desk and a flower in a plastic bottle. 

And a chair.

5. Floor ride.

We're really just loving the floors here. What a beautiful way to rug a room. 

The minimalist style of the whole thing is also rather endearing.

6. Seats.

As an aside—the room is decorated magnificently. We are enjoying the asymmetrical placement of the wall hangings. 

But check out those tear drop ceiling lights. And the colors? 


7. Wall to floor.

The great thing about this room is that when you go to take a bath, you need the stool to use as a table, and the standing lamp will make you feel like you're in the dark room of photography class. In other words—this place is pure relaxation station every time (candles not included.)

But seriously: how great is that tiling?

8. Neat.

Simple. Elegant. Regal. 

And the lights; modernity is really enjoying the occasional fire hazard. 

9. Space mobile.

It's a bit like the final scene in Return of the Jedi

’It's a trap!


About as modern as can be with the pod dining chairs, hanging wind chimes (they're not actually wind chimes), stylish pictures and minimalist attitude. 

Is there anything you would like to add, or comment on? We would love to hear from you below!
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