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A staircase in a house provides the practical function of allowing people to move between floors. Some staircases however can serve additional functions. They can be used as a source of additional storage. The space beneath a staircase has been used for storage for decades, although new designs have created even more clever storage solutions. Staircases can also serve as a design feature in a house. Modern staircases designs have come a long way since their basic forms of last century. New materials have allowed for a wave of new and exciting designs. When choosing a staircase for your home consider the space that the staircase will be located, the style of the house and any specific functions that it will serve. It is also important to consider who will be using them. Some staircases may not be appropriate for the elderly or very small children. homify hase found some stunning staircase designs to give you inspiration.

Creative Storage Space

Storage under stairs Fraher and Findlay Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage
Fraher and Findlay

Storage under stairs

Fraher and Findlay

A staircase can sometimes take up a lot of space in a home design. It therefore makes sense to use the wasted space around the staircase for other purposes. One of the most popular uses for this wasted space is for storage. In older houses, there was often a small storage cupboard underneath the stairs. This was a good use of the space, but it was often not the most optimum use for this space. These modern stairs has a clever way to use the small space under the lower section of these stairs.  This small pull out shelf provides a clever and practical place to store shoes. Simply pull out the shelf when you return from a run in the park , place your running shoes on the shelf then close it. When closed there is no sign that the drawer exists at all. This is a very clever use of a very small space. This cute piece was made by Fraher Architects in the United Kingdom.

Use Accent Colours

Accent colours are colours used for emphasis within a design. These colours are usually brighter shades and are used sparingly throughout the design. They are sometimes used to bring a design together, linking designs in different rooms of a house. They can also link designs on different levels of a house. This can be done by using the stairs. These bright and bold green illuminated stairs act as an accent colour linking the green in the upstairs design with the green accents in the downstairs design. These stairs create a bright and bold feature in this house, the colour and texture contrasts with the dark rough texture of the bricks along the side wall of the stairs. This is a great way to create a connection between different designs in a house.

A Unique Rail

With recent advancements in building technology, designers now have more freedom when designing staircases. It is now possible to build a set of stairs without requiring the structural support of railings. This has allowed the design of railings to be a completely creative decision. Stair railings can be as unique and creative as the individual. This stair railing is a good example. This bold black design looks as if someone designed it based on doodles during a meeting. The soft curves and gracious lines leads one down or up the stairs feeling very dramatic. It is a stunning and eye-catching addition to any space. This piece would suit a modern house or an eclectic design. This staircase was made by La Stylique of France.

Photo Collage Wall

People who live in homes spread over two or more levels often spend a great deal of time walking up and down stairs. Instead of looking at blank walls several times a day, why not use these blank walls as canvases for photos of the family and loved ones. Arrange the photos evenly with matching photo frames similar to this room. The photos in this design create an artwork of their own linked by the black frames and the black and white prints. For a different look use a variety of photo frames and photo sizes to create an eclectic design. For an extra element of surprise use different coloured photo frames against a neutral design. This gives the staircase another function, as an art gallery.

Unique Steps

One way to create an original staircase in a house is to choose unusual stair treads. With the advancements in technologies, there are more options for stair treads than ever before. Be daring and bold with your choice of stair treads. The choice of stair treads can bring a different dimension to a design. These stairs are a great example. These stairs seem to be invisible. The stair treads and the supporting structures are glass, making the entire structure transparent. This is a great way to allow light into a dark area beneath the stairs. Think of the texture and colour of the stair treads and how these will work with the existing design of the house. Consider using illuminated stair treads in a modern house to bring that extra element of surprise.

Industrial Materials

Industrial designs often highlight the use of raw material in their design. This could be using bricks, uncovered wiring or cement flooring. These designs celebrate the simple, practical elements of a building. These stairs are a great example of industrial style. Often seen in a factory setting these steel stair treads are made with safety in mind, the risen grooves providing grip for the factory workers. The stairs work well in this space. The silver grey stair treads contrast with the black hand railing. Consider using raw materials when choosing stairs for a house. Materials such as coloured metals, tiles or even stone can create a definite area of interest.

Stairs provide an important function in a house; allowing people to move between different floors in a house. This does not mean these stairs can not be stylish or multifunctional. A staircase can be used for more than one purpose, think about how you can use the staircase for clever storage, or as your own private art gallery. Consider using different materials in the construction of your stairs to give it a unique look. Be creative and bold in choosing a staircase design. Remember to think of the existing design and style of the house, then let the imagination go wild. For more staircase inspiration see Spectacular Staircases.

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