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Building any part of your home yourself is always something to be cherished and to be made as a positive memory. While we can decide on building basic furniture items like study table, chair, etc., why can’t we make a brick wall by ourselves? We surely can. You can always start from the planning of a brick wall in terms of shape, colour, material, design etc. and then can proceed with implementation of the plan. While you work on the brick wall building ourselves, you can easily and responsibly ensure that the brick wall you build has absolute finesse. Once you finish building , if the wall is a neat and clean job, then it will obviously give us a sense of achievement to proceed forward and take the initiative with other such projects. homify brings you some basic and generic tips and tricks on how you can build easily a brick wall that is bound to last.

Tools & materials

Building any structural aspect of a home requires not just thorough amount of planning, designing and building skills. Building a brick wall requires some basic materials and tools to ensure the effective and efficient building of the wall. To start off, building a brick wall needs bricks. Now bricks could be of various types. Based on the finalized type of brick, bricks are required along with cement, stone dust, etc. to make the concrete mixture. This mixture helps bind the bricks together. Various tools would be used to perform the different functions involved in making a brick wall. These include trowel, hammer and chisel. With the help of these tools and materials, you can build a nice brick wall in no time.

Preparing the wall

Before starting to build the brick wall, preparing the foundation of the wall is absolutely imperative. A brick wall will always hold its ground and stay graceful if the foundation is strong and sturdy. Before starting laying the bricks, it has to be ensured that you have all the tools with you in close proximity. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have the binding mixture ready and handy for you. The texture and consistency of the mixture should be just right to allow the mixture to bind the bricks while at the same time does not lead to drying off too soon. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed to ensure consistent and smooth texture of the concrete mix. The brick wall design shown above is designed by Nuspace, Home builders in London. 

Laying the first brick row

The first brick row is generally the crucial part of laying of the brick wall. The most important aspect of laying the first brick row is to ensure absolutely perfect alignment of bricks in the first row with the foundation of the wall. Even minor non-alignments in the first row of bricks would mean amplified changes in the overall design and structure of the wall. Due attention is to be paid while laying the first brick row of the wall. There should not be any scope for error in terms of using less amount of binding mixture than what is needed to ensure proper adhesion of the bricks with the foundation as well as between the bricks lying next to each other. A strong first row ensures that the rest of the wall building can happen smoothly.

Laying additional brick rows

Once the first row of bricks is laid and fixed, you can then proceed with laying the additional rows of the brick wall. While a strong foundation and a nicely laid first row means the wall has a nice base to build upon. Laying additional brick rows still requires precision so as to ensure that the complete wall. You cannot afford to have a finished brick wall where the bricks are misaligned. It would not be able to give that finesse effect to the wall.

Finishing the brick wall

Finishing any project implies giving the finishing touches while ensuring that the final output of the whole project is as per the expectation. Building a brick wall is no different. Once the complete wall is laid and built, it has to be ensured that the wall is strengthened by periodic application of water so that the overall concrete and brick material binds hard and strong to make a stubborn and durable bond. This exposure to moisture could be through mild watering of the wall or just by leaving the wall covered with wet, damp covers to allow the wall to absorb that moisture. Once the wall is finished and ready, you can either paint it as per the finalized colour tone or you can choose to keep it as is.

Tips & tricks for building a brick wall

Building a brick wall isn’t just a simple wall building which would end up giving the same output. You can customize and plan the design of the brick wall exactly the way you want to use many options. Be it the pattern of bricks, the colour of bricks, the shape and size of the bricks, or be it the binding material finalized to be used to bind the bricks together. Different combinations will ensure that you can end up getting a unique and smart brick wall with minimal customizations. Planning the texture, pattern and overall design of the brick wall is prudent to implement the perfect brick wall. Based on the budget, decide on the type of bricks to be used. Then to ensure that the wastage is minimal, ensure that you buy the appropriate number of bricks and appropriate amount of material as required in building the wall perfectly. Take a look at this ideabook for it is sure to help you with some nice tips to decorate your home this Christmas : How to decorate your house this Christmas 

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