A stilted home that defies expectations

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Houses that sit perfectly level on the ground? Who needs those? We're only joking, but when you see the amazing stilted structure that we're going to show you today, we think you might start considering slightly more unusual potential building plots for your dream home! The architects in charge of this build were inspired and took a hard to work with plot and turned it into an incredible home that simply wouldn't be out of place on a movie set! We can't put the genius of this home into words, so come with us and have a look at the pictures!

Utterly beguiling!

We dare you to try and say that this isn't a fantastically impactful and impressive home! We know it is a little cheeky to show you a snap of it at night, when brilliant lighting really amplifies the design, but come on, we wanted you to love it! The stilted end sections are just so unusual and eye-catching!

From the back.

Naturally, any home as dramatic as this one will look great from the back as well as the front, but this one just keeps taking things up a notch! The monochrome stripe design here makes so much more of the long and lean building shape and honestly, we'd never get bored of those supported end wings!

Wide open and bright.

Can you imagine how disappointing it would have been to walk inside this staggering home, only to find that it had been decorated really badly? Well, there's no fear of that here, as modern minimalism and an open-plan design have come together to create such a harmonious home! The spaciousness is so engaging!

That view!

As if stilts wren't enough of an amazing design feature, now you can see that panoramic windows have been included as well and offer the most charming views while the family eats together! The amount of light flowing in through here is amazing!

Built-in beauty!

Why just have stairs to the lower level, when you can have stairs that double as a home library? We are so in love with this idea and think that everyone can be inspired by it! Talk about using the space you have far more productively and let's be honest and admit how gorgeous it looks too!

Perfectly restful.

Natural, soft and so calm, this bedroom is such a fantastic representation of everything that this home seems to stand for! The built-in mini office area is a delight as well, as can't you imagine a teenager really loving having their own private study spot?

Extra space.

What would make this house absolutely perfect? That's right, a balcony. Ta dah! Offering gorgeous views all the way round the house, this terrace doesn't need to be huge in order to be impactful. A couple of chairs, a tipple of something tasty and a clear evening is all we'd want if we lived here!

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