2 amazing flats with their own sense of style!

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Do you fancy coming with us on a magical mystery tour of two breathtaking apartments that have been expertly curated by professional interior designers? Good job, as that's what we're doing today! We've found two homes that have a base level of neutrality, but then really turn up the heat in terms of personal decor and we just know you're going to love them! Prepare to revel in the genius use of retro motifs and furniture, while being seriously jealous of the owners that get to live in these homes, as here we go!

1. Eclectic done right!

Ok, so this home should be the poster child for eclectic home design, as everything is unique, looks to have a story attached to it and yet, the overall styling looks fantastic. A neutral background has made way for ethnic, patterned and custom accessories and as a whole, it really works!

Just look at that…

light fixture! Blown glass bubbles make for a really one-off design that is so well-placed in this eclectic home! We love the retro dining furniture that really balances out the super modern kitchen as well. Gah, this is such a considered home!

Perfect organization is just…

a built-in wardrobe away! We love how the main parts of the house have such a funky flair, but come into this walk-in wardrobe and you find clean, linear organization. Such a great contrast!

Even the bathroom has…

a few touches that really lifts the neutral white color scheme! Some wicker, a little plant and vibrant red towels really work wonders. Let's be honest, you couldn't have a dull bathroom when the rest of the communal spaces are so engaging and interesting!

2. Modern meets retro!

Now this apartment is a little confusing! At first glance, you think it is super modern and chic, what with all the white walls and sleek kitchen cabinets, but sudden;y, some retro and natural touches creep in and surprise you! What we will say is that this kitchen has been perfectly lit and there are some sweet retro touches, in the form of great glassware, but that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Don't you just love the…

earthy tones here? Working so well to help bed in the retro Danish dining furniture into an otherwise contemporary space, the reddish-brown textiles look amazing and really step up to the plate to help everything integrate well together! Utterly charming and so harmonious!

Pan back a little and a few more…

earthy touches are visible! Dried flowers, vases and rugs are all working to the gorgeous color scheme set out by vintage wood furniture and adding such warmth and depth to an otherwise white room! 

We love how color has been…

added everywhere in this apartment! From a rug to some flowers, to a hallway runner and everything in between, but if you remove all those elements, you'd have a perfectly charming white and contemporary home. That's got to keep the resale value impressive!

Sweet and simple…

but there's nothing unappealing about this bathroom! We love that yet more neutral walls have been livened up with removable items, in this case, a plethora of gorgeous plants! We actually think that this could be inspiring to any of you that are renting, but still want to add in some personal touches to your property!

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Which of these apartments was your favorite?

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