Economic ideas for candles in your home

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Candles have been a stable of interior design and decoration for ages. Not only are these wonderful objects super functional in providing a back-up for when the power company lets us down, but they also serve a range of other uses whilst fulfilling aesthetic needs as well. 

Lighting candles can completely change the atmosphere of any room, making it either more romantic, more relaxed, or more somber, if that is what you are going for. Depending on the context and the types of candles you use, you can transform a room. Scented candles also improve the quality of the air you smell around you, and decorative candles improve the quality of the interior scenery. 

There is absolutely no doubt that candles have a range of benefits for your home, but these objects can often be expensive, and people sometimes have the idea that you need a great volume of them to make any significant impact. Today, we will debunk these myths by looking at some ideas to economically include candles in your home for maximum aesthetic and functional effect!

1. Stonework .

You can maximize the impact of a few candles by using creative and beautiful candle holders, such as these stone beauties. 

2. Bathroom ambiance.

A few strategic candles in the bathroom can create the right ambiance without being in multitudes. 

3. Using space.

When candles are placed in strategic areas, they will have more of an effect. Here we can see a row of candles in the windowsill next to the bathtub, where it will create just the right mood for a relaxed bath. 

4. Eye-catching holders.

Once again we can see the power or an exceptional candle holder, and this time we find it in metallic tones. 

This variation on the metallic candle holder offers a splash of color. 

5. Pops of color.

Even when you only have small candles, you can increase their impact by picking bright and cheerful ones. Even better, picked scented ones!

6. Not a floating trend.

We can remember the popularity of floating candles in the 90s, when you would rarely find a pool party without these guys drifting about. However, it seems like this invention is still relevant today. 

A lovely bowl can be filled with water and these floating candles for a beautiful scene that won't set you back too much. 

Or you can use bodies of water already at your disposal, like a pond. You won't need many candles, as a few spots of fire on water is impressive enough in its own. 

7. Balanced minimalism.

When you have a decor with bold and impressive features, you can easily balance it with a few humble candles. 

8. Glass jars on the dining table.

Here we can see elegance enclosed in glass. 

9. Floral decoration.

Carved and decorated candles can make a big impact. You will need much fewer candles that are decorated to make the same impact as with several plain ones. 

10. Prints.

Illustrations or wording on glass candle jars can add another layer of decor. 

11. Glass bulbs.

As we have seen before, burning candles within glass simply create a beautiful effect. 

12. Abstract designs.

Make a statement with your candle holders!

13. Minimalism.

14. Natural balance.

Balancing warm natural or earthy design elements with candles will produce a welcoming space. 

15. Upcycling.

16. Simplicity in elegance.

Lastly, we can see that we can get away with few candles if we have elegant holders. 

Now you have the wax, what about wood? Take a look at this gorgeous home that is full of wooden elements!

How do you use candles in your home?

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