Making a statement with white: 18 examples

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When you think of white, making a statement is not the first thing that comes to mind. This tone has been reserved for the background, as base or foundation for so many home spaces, but never really as the star of the show. White creates space, making an area look larger and more profound. It is also a clean slate which you can then color in with whichever effect you choose. For these reasons, white is a staple of any interior, and is often taken for granted.

Today, however, we want to honor white and its contribution to the design world by looking at how it can be utilized as a statement color—the main event. You might be incredulous as to how we could do this, but wait until you see the images below! These examples will quickly convince you that white can have a major visual impact when employed correctly. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

1. The all-white kitchen.

We've all heard of the all-white kitchen, but it can be easy to underestimate its impact. In this image, we can see the white tiles, wall and cabinets, but a sense of depth and emphasis is brought to the picture by the addition of grey and black outlines and accents. 

2. Pristine bathroom..

The bathroom is a place we'd like to think of as supremely hygienic and pristine, and a great impression in this sense can be created by the use of all white.  

3. Accented subway tiles.

Subway tiles in white and with grey grouting can create a textured and impactful effect.

4. The facade.

This striking facade would surely not have had the same effect in any other color. 

5. Floating effects.

The use of white everywhere in this kitchen creates a weightless effect, and almost makes it look like all the features are floating.

6. Bright whites and off-whites.

You would be surprised to see the depth created by using only different tones of white. Here, we can see the effect enhanced by the addition of LED lighting on the kitchen counters. 

7. Against beiges and neutrals.

The strong white against these other neutrals make for a cohesive and natural look. 

8. Brickwork.

Whitewashing exposed brick can produce an impressive rustic effect.

9. Decorative pieces.

All-white figurines of items that are usually in bright hues can make a statement of minimalism that will be hard to ignore. 

10. Rhythm and texture.

11. White against wood.

White and wood is a pair that goes extremely well together. Just take a look at this spectacular house if you need any convincing!

12. Playing with hues.

Here again, we can see the white and wood combination with great success, but a lighter timber is used. There is thus a lot you can play with when it comes to this combination. 

13. Bold prints.

If you have an all-white room, you can make it stand out by adding a few strategic bold prints. 

14. Textures and engravings.

White can be full of depth when you add rich textures and engraved objects. 

15. Geometry.

Hula mirror in White Loaf Classic style houses Accessories & decoration

White forms in geometric shapes can have a big impact.

16. Streamlined.

Stripped-down features will find fulfillment in white.

17. 3D.

White objects will come to life when they have depth and form. 

18. Alternatives.

Using alternative rhythms and lines with all-white compositions will make it pop and bring great visual interest. 

How do you use white in your own home to make a statement?

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