You'll have never seen a house like this one before! (with floor plans)

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We love finding exciting and innovative new architecture to show you and today, we might have found the most unusual example of a luxury family home, ever! The architects that created this spectacular home clearly had a lot of fun playing with space, proportion and, to a certain extent, optical illusions, but it's the multi-level design, centered around a striking courtyard that we think will really excite you! We're going to include floor plans as well, just so that you can really get a handle on how this home works. Let's get in there and take a look though, as the pictures say so much more than we can! Prepare to be unbelievably impressed!

From the street.

Admit it, this is a really unusual build and you're already intrigued, aren't you? Far from being a standard white box design, as so many modern homes are now, this is a complex collection of jutting spaces, roof gardens and dramatic lines. The intersecting black and natural wood elements have added such depth to this facade and we can't wait to see more!

From the rear.

When you see that there is no access to a rear garden, it becomes instantly clear why this design had to be so innovative, in terms of garnering valuable outdoor space. What we can see is a stylish, contemporary and fascinating building and that roof terrace is something we can't wait to explore more!

The courtyard.

HERE is where the garden has been hiding! The unique design here has arranged living spaces as a perimeter around a central courtyard that is better than just a standard rear garden! If nothing else, the coziness and levels of privacy are staggering! This house looks like a self-contained community and with so many windows overlooking the courtyard, there is such a beautiful connection to the outdoors, from every room.

Easy access.

Along the side of the ground floor, you can find this easy access entrance that brings you directly into the courtyard and what a treat it is! With trees and seating in place, you can get a really good idea of how enjoyable it must be to spend time in the courtyard itself!

A slice of luxury.

We bet this is a shock! Not only is there a gorgeous rooftop terrace area, there is even a sunken pool! More than enough to add that touch of glamour that a house of this caliber deserves, it has been beautifully lit and offers endless nighttime swimming opportunities!

A peek inside.

While we are focusing on the outside of this house, we couldn't not show you a snippet of how it looks inside! As modern as the facade would have you believe, there is a homely and comfortable vibe here, thanks to the use of natural materials, in conjunction with more modern finishes. Brick and wood balance out the stark glass and white fixtures perfectly. Let's take a look at the plans!

First floor plan.

Wow! Just look at the way the living spaces surround the courtyard! The biggest singular section of the house, there has certainly been no sacrifice of useful rooms in order to facilitate that unusual garden itself! 

Second floor plan.

With a host of bedrooms and bathrooms, you can see that comfort was just as key to this project as style. Is it silly to say that we might have fallen in love with a building?

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