14 ideas for a unique twist to your home

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Why go for the drab mundane necessities in your home when you can spruce up your crib to resemble Dennis Rodman in the nineties?

A home is far more than an idyllic space of comfort, it is a place of wonder and imagination, a place of color and ambiance, a place where the banal can become the extravagant. 

If you're looking for some classic ways to add that little embellishment to your home, then take a look at the list we have compiled; a list that will bring out your inner flair. 

1. Shelf life.

Aside from the magnificent furnishings, this room is dominated by the expansive bookshelf—which apparently comes in Incredible Hulk green. (You can also go for Captain America blue, or Iron Man red.)

The anti-symmetrical nature of the shelf makes it a fun home grown take on the classic legal office bore.

2. Color me bad.

Bright yellow kitchen cabinets above. Gray and chrome counter and cabinets below. Hatch-patterned walls which are vaguely reminiscent of a textile factory store.

Bright orange kettle. 

Round of applause. 

3. Harvey wallbanger.

Let's begin with the blue on jet black wall, mingling nicely with the sofa and lighting features. It also adds to the seriously stylish clock in the kitchen—giving the frame of the room a modern feel. 

This is then completely blindsided by the traditional hardwood floors, bookshelf and kitchen cabinets. Eclectic much?

But the hexagonal wall pattern takes it home, looking funky and fresh.

4. Festive.

This little treat of a balcony is more luxurious than a Sheikh's yacht. The outdoor set sparkles against an all-pale color scheme, and the rough terrain floor kicks traditional to the curb. 

Where else would you want to be?

5. El loco.

Doesn't this remind you of that old game where you had to fit all the blocks in nicely, but you never could get passed round 3 and so it ended up being a race to see how crazy you could make your ultimate shape?

It was called Tetris, and yes, it's still a classic. 

Compartmentalising done right.

6. Greenhouse.

Although there is absolutely zero practical use to an indoor glass door like this—it still oozes exclusivity. How could you walk into that room and not feel like Angus Young in the eighties? It's all retro rocker heaven. (Maybe Keith Richards if you're into that sorta thing.)

The owl painting is a bit freaky. But we love it. 

7. Narnia.

This is fairy fiasco taken to the next level. It's like Hansel and Gretel's childhood was re-enacted here. The log cabin interior is a great shout out to the outdoorsman's daughter, while the ceiling light is effectively a bigger version of a druid's crown. 

In concert with the paintings, color scheme and floor—it's hard to not want to climb under the covers and wait for Red Riding Hood or Snow White to come marching through the door. 

8. Flamingos.

Aside from being one of the most beautiful birds on earth, flamingo's are also extremely good for a bathroom wallpaper to add a bit of serengeti seduction to the scene. 

Realistically, pink is a great color for a quaint room—but it needs to be reigned in.

Exactly like this. Perfection.

9. 3D.

It's a 3 dimensional wallpaper. If you haven't caught yourself staring at it for way too long, you haven't looked hard enough.

10. Shoes please.

This entrance hall pays homage to the Asian tradition of removing footwear before entering the home. Aside from being a respectful cultural tradition—it also saves a ton of time practically, with regard to cleaning floors. 

But let's be honest for a moment—this kind of looks like the hallway to a gnome's home, with the little guy waddling in and out, while his wife bakes batches of cookies. Gnomes right?

11. Under the sea.

If Atlantis was upon the sea floor, and had a guest bathroom, and the guest bathroom was emptied of water—it would look like this. Superb decor arrangement, and a color scheme that says—welcome to your cabin Ma'am. 

The branch-wall may not guarantee privacy—but it does guarantee style.

12. Go green.

Technically this is the future. They've started making entire buildings in this style to further add to the oxygen content and lower emissions. But this isn't biology.

How stupendously amazing to sit on your porch and feel like you're in a green house?

Yes please.

13. Spin me right round.

Here we see the coup de grace of interior decor. Circular shelves. Not only does it look cool…

It's a great way to recycle industrial piping.

14. Wallart.

It's pretty straight forward. The clothes pegs are placed to mimic the branches on the wall. When you hang something up, it looks as though its hanging from the tree. 


Are there any pictures you would like to know more about? Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know below!

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