7 questions to ask for the perfect kitchen

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What kitchen best suits you and your family? Have fun with this simple test to find out! We've put together 7 quick questions to help you to determine, based on your needs, habits and tastes, what kind of cooking area is best!

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to choosing a kitchen, so we hope that with these little suggestions, tips and tricks you'll have a better idea of what you should be aiming for. 

For each question, choose the closest answer to your reality, noting the corresponding letter on a sheet. Then look for your profile depending on your score!

What kind of space do you have available in your kitchen?

 A. About 53 square feet, or maybe less, overlooking the living room.

B. A wide area, but it is integrated with the living room.

C. A very small space that is separated from the living room or dining room.

D. A floor area of at least 129 square feet, independent and separate from the living spaces.

How much time on average do you spend in the kitchen?

A. A maximum of one and a half hours, taking into account the time for preparing breakfast and cleaning up after dinner.

B. It is difficult to estimate an exact time because the kitchen is integrated with the living room.

C. About 2-3 hours and if I had more space maybe even more.

D. I spend most of my time at home, cooking, working and looking after the children.

How many people are usually in the kitchen in your home?

The Arts and Crafts Kent Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Industrial style kitchen Blue
deVOL Kitchens

The Arts and Crafts Kent Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

 A. Only myself, or one person at a time.

B. At least two but even more—I like to cook with plenty of company, each person with their own role.

C. No more than two.

D. The whole family and friends—this is the environment where we entertain guests.

Which of these feautures would you like for your kitchen?

A. More space.

B. Aesthetics.

C. Increased flexibility.

D. Technology.

Which element would you not want to give up?

 A. A microwave.

B. A large work surface.

C. A table, even a small one.

D. A large refrigerator.

What should your kitchen look like from an aesthetic point of view?

A. It should have a style similar to that of the living areas.

B. Different from the living room but well integrated.

C. Simple lines that make it look larger.

D. Scenic and energetic.

If it were possible what would you add to your kitchen?

 A. A higher ceiling

B. A mobile and spacious pantry.

C. A wider worktop.

D. A blackboard wall.

The results: Discover what kitchen suits you!

Majority of A's:

You are looking for a linear kitchen, that is practical and functional . You have very little space available for your kitchen and thus you need a linear composition that can offer maximum functionality in a few square feet. The homify advice is to exploit the hanging space available by opting for shelves and hooks.

For other ideas, you may want to read this article: 25 ideas to make the most of a small kitchen.

Majority of B's:

You need a kitchen with an island block, which is perfect for an open space. You love the kitchen, even if it is separate to your living room. You like having a fluid cooking area that friends and family can be a part of. You also want to be able to chat to people in the rest of the living spaces. The ideal solution is a kitchen with a central kitchen island. This can be used as a work surface, table or even for the stove.  

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure.

Majority of C's:

You need a small L-shaped kitchen. If you would like to make the most of the space available in your kitchen, take advantage of this design. Choose furniture with simple lines and opt for neutral tones to amplify the spaces. Why not consider a folding table and chairs that you can use only when necessary?

Look at this article too: How can you make your small kitchen more beautiful?

Majority of D's:

You need a comfortable and traditional kitchen. If you are lucky enough to own a medium to large kitchen, you can furnish it in the style you prefer with a large refrigerator, a dishwasher, a large table for dining with family and friends and, if possible, a closet pantry.

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