Cool as a cucumber: 8 neutral colors to inspire you

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There's a time and a place for bold color, but ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that having an open mind, when it comes to neutral shades, can lead to a really beautiful home! The best part is that we are seeing an influx of what professionals are referring to as 'new neutrals', so if you are thinking that beige and cream are your only options, then think again! 

Come and take a look at some of the most fashionable neutral shades and combinations right now and have a think about which spaces in your home could really benefit from an injection of cool!

1. Pretty aqua.

When you want an easy to accessorize, period color for your home, you can't go wrong with pastel aqua! Fresh, neutral and a little bit enchanting, we really love it in bathrooms!

2. Pale gray.

THE color for 2017, pale gray makes for something a little more hardwearing, but still as fresh as standard white. We think it works everywhere, including out in your garden, as it goes with everything!

3. Aqua and gray.

Just in case you needed to see how well gray can work with other colors, check out this gorgeous combination! With white coming into play as well, this is such an understated yet stylish room!

4. Natural wood.

Bare wood might not be a color, per se, but it can be classed as a neutral home decor material! Pale yet warm and easy to integrate with any other finish, we will never get bored of plain wood!

5. Baby shades.

All the baby versions of standard colors are becoming new neutrals, so baby pink, baby blue and even pastel yellow are great choices! You don't even need to slap them all over your walls to get the benefit of them, as you could just upcycle some furniture!

6. All white.

White, classic, scandinavian sleeping 99chairs BedroomBeds & headboards

White, classic, scandinavian sleeping


The godfather of cool, neutral colors, white will never go out of style, especially when you see how bright and vibrant it looks when used everywhere! You really can't ever have too much white!

7. White and wood.

This might be our favorite neutral combination of all time! Natural wood and bright white coexist so perfectly that they were destined to always be used together! The look is just so vivacious and energizing!

8. Pale gray and wood.

Perhaps we should have just written an article about well natural wood works with every color in the spectrum, but we wanted to show you how sweet gray wood can look! What a way to add a modern aesthetic to a traditional home, but in a cool and neutral way!

For more neutral color advice, take a look at this article: 8 simple steps for making your home fantastically neutral.

Could you be convinced to embrace cool neutral tones?

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