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7 matchy-matchy home decor ideas

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We love a little bit of eclectic styling now and then, but on the flip-side, we are massively into how cool the matchy-matchy styling aesthetic can be as well! Interior designers might use the term 'cohesive', but all that really means is that each room in a home will have comparable materials, color schemes and amazing touches that make for an undeniably connected vibe. It looks as though matching decor is becoming really trendy again, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at some homes that have already embraced the matchy-matchy look, just in case you are considering it! 

Seriously guys, you'll love the ambiance and style that these homes exude, so let's just sit back and enjoy some amazing details that could work in your home too!

1. White is alright!

Before you say that white isn't enough to make for a matching design aesthetic, hold your horses, as the color isn't what we are focusing on in this example! This kitchen is gorgeous and why is that? THE METRO TILES! We like to think that this kitchen was installed first and looked so good that it lead to the bathroom…

Now THIS is how you decorate your home in a matchy-matchy style! Using the same tiles in two separate functional spaces has made for such a beautiful and complementary home. The owners here loved the tiles so much, that they were used all the way around the bathroom!

We have to say that we'd use these tiles everywhere as well! Just look how perfect they are as a backsplash!

2. Rustic stone finishes.

Wow! This rustic wall is something else! Not only does it allude to the heritage of the home itself, it also adds some fantastic contrast to the more contemporary elements that have been included. As you'll soon see, this gorgeous feature has been pulled through in other spaces as well!

Seeing how great this wonderful wall effect looks, we can fully understand why it was included wherever possible! It's amazing how sleek and seamless such a striking and textural finish, when next to more modern elements!

3. Graded wall effects!

Site House NOS Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
NOS Design

Site House

NOS Design

Check out this stunning and super unique wall decal! The partially degraded look of the effect is stunning and means that the design doesn't look too overbearing and this forced imperfection is something that has been continued in the bathroom as well. Just wait until you see!

Site House NOS Design Modern Bathroom
NOS Design

Site House

NOS Design

How gorgeous is this effect? Never mind the fact that geometric tiles are so hot right now, the gradual fluttering effect of the tiles really mirrors the original wall design as well. Even the neutral tones are a great match for each other. There is another bathroom as well though!

Site House NOS Design Modern Bathroom
NOS Design

Site House

NOS Design

This smaller shower space has 100% matched with the larger family bathroom and we are loving this scheme more and more! Imagine how much money you'd save as well, by buying materials in bulk!

4. Checkerboard cohesion!

We LOVE this floor and despite being such a bold statement, it looks so chic and natural in this apartment. That must be why it was recreated elsewhere as well, but with a little bit of poetic licence!

STUNNING! The colors perfectly match the living room floor, but by mixing up the shapes here, there is a sense that the design aesthetic matches, but is still exciting and constantly evolving. The marbled floor tiles hark back to the living room as well!

5. Those regals colors!

We are besotted by the rich mulberry tone of this wall and by breaking it up with wall shelves and pretty little porcelain ornaments, there is a gentle, pretty vibe coming through. It takes real bravery to embrace such rich, dark hues, but this house does, in every room!

From mulberry to ruby, but the matchy-matchy styling is undeniable! More wall displays make sure you know that there is a cohesive theme in play and we do have to wonder what colors all the other rooms in the home are!

6. Subtle touches.

In a neutral home, a few piquant patterns and colors can go a long way, but none so much as black and white stripes! This table cloth has added instant style and boldness to an otherwise simple room, to such an extent that it has been supported elsewhere as well!

We said this was a subtle interplay of matching style and here's the proof! Some simple striped sofa cushions have drawn inspiration from the table cloth so beautifully, while not overshadowing the rest of the room.

7. Inside and out!

Have you ever seen a white and wood home that didn't look great? Us neither! It can be a little disappointing when you see the interiors however, if the gorgeous colors and materials haven't been used inside as well, but just wait until you see inside this home!

Ahhhh. Perfect! With the largest sections of this kitchen being white, to mirror the exterior render, and trim being kept to natural wood, this home looks as though it has been turned inside out! What a way to create a truly cohesive, matching and stunning ambience!

For some eclectic home decor styles, as a direct contrast, take a look at this article: 8 eclectic decor ideas for your home.

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