Renovation at 7 Wooster: modern Living room by KBR Design and Build

A snappy and fresh urban home with idyllic comforts

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It is one thing to accept the urban lifestyle and charter your course through city streets on a daily basis; and still maintain a healthy attitude and lack of skepticism about the odious nature of milling mobs that surround you every day.

It is wholly another thing to step out of that daily foray and enter the solid embrace of a beautiful home, dressed to the nines in a revamped shroud of upmarket decor and sultry designs. 

The following hearkens to the latter's calling; a modern city home with all the illustrious veneer of a thoroughbred race winner in its prime.


1. Welcome home.

A beautifully manicured lawn greets the owner, while the large glass double doors beckon like an invitational maw into the sacrosanct. 

Just beyond, you can see the large, open plan dining room and kitchen; somewhere all can enjoy the heady tranquility of the inside, blending with the pastoral call of the out.

2. Showtime.

The gray faux brick wall lends a nice rough urban feel to a cultured urban setting, and the white on gray color scheme plays throughout the large room. 

A brace of modern light fixtures adorn the ceiling, and the kitchen looks on proudly.

3. Modernity if you please.

Although slightly darker, the scheme continues here, mixing with the chrome kitchen appliances flawlessly. There is plenty of shelving and storage, and the large white island doubles up nicely as a mini-bar and a preparation counter, to either host a baking contest or a drink-off.

4. This way good fellow.

Enter the master bedroom and find yourself in a glorious room that pays host to enough space for an enormous bed and more beside. The lighter tones in here give a far more soothing facade, as befits a place of rest and relaxation.

5. Turn around.

And lo', there is even room for a sofa and a large furry foot rest too. Kick back without ever leaving the room. 

We know what you're picturing right now; those dreary rainy days and your favorite book. Go for it. 

6. Patterns uno.

The small bathroom is bedecked stylishly in feathered wall paper, and the sink has the oh-so-modern wicker basket for all the toiletries. It's simple, safe and works like a charm. 

7. Patterns dos.

Aside from the exquisite taste that the interior decorator has shown, the corridor wallpaper is a true beauty. Take a casual stroll through the woods of a 1930's movie, with all the added glory of hard wood floors and spotless walls. 

8. Toil and trouble.

Take a gander at this marvel. Plenty of room to sit, curl up or flat out spread-eagle, this is the Hulk Hogan of living rooms. Amazing views command the left-hand side, while the flat screen dominates the center. The twin bookshelves are inspired, as is the lighting.

But the real hero is that monster of a sofa. It's like Blu-Ray heaven.

9. Mains.

The main bathroom also hosts a beautiful wallpaper style that is in now way lesser than its brethren. There is also a distinctly different feel, more vintage, to this room than to the guest bathroom. Magnifique.

10. Second bedroom.

Following through to the end with the crossbeam baton lighting, this room is nonetheless a real treat given its dimensions. The fact that it contains a ostentatious television and reading chair, makes us think anyone would feel more than happy to shack up in here for a while. 

Was there anything in particular you enjoyed about this piece, or anything you wish to add? Have your say in the comments below!
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