Top 5: 6 ideas for a beautiful backyard patio or porch to 15 fantastic front doors and gates!

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And here we are again, another week has passed and we are giving you a chance to read our most popular articles. This is your chance to re-read your favorite articles and/or find new ones. We begin our countdown with 6 ideas for a beautiful backyard patio or porch, people went berserk for these ideas… We move on to 8 unique kitchens that you'll want! And then we pit stop on article #3, 7 smart and affordable ideas for your small kitchen… Pit stop over, #4 we give you 7 Ideas to expand your house with a small budget. And finally we give you the cherry on top, 15 fantastic front doors and gates!

Shall we?

1.) 6 ideas for a beautiful backyard patio or porch.

Maximize your home by creating an outdoor space. Here at homify, we gather the best projects and put them in one platform for you to see. Can you smell the BBQ already? Or do you want a wine and cheese event? Or simply just a cup of coffee by yourself outside during the day, see these ideas and let us know what you think. 

Click here to see the article. 

2.) 8 unique kitchens that you'll want!

Here is another great article that we have just for you! Modern and unique kitchens that will whet your appetite. Sometimes we forget that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our homes, so why not make it spectacular and unique? Give it that personal touch, homify gives you ideas on how to do so. 

Click here to read on. 

3.) 7 smart and affordable ideas for your small kitchen.

Another kitchen article has made it to our Top 5. Why? Because we are always looking for ways to improve our home, especially now-a-days when smaller homes are more manageable and popular. So why not maximize your small kitchen with affordable ideas? This one is a winner in our books. 

Check them out here

4.) 7 Ideas to expand your house with a small budget.

What do we want? To expand our home with a small budget. When do we want it? Now. You asked for it, and we got it! Check out these 7 genius ideas to expand your house with a small budget. 

Click here to see the article.

5.) 15 fantastic front doors and gates!

Here at homify we are always amazed on the diverse collection that the Top 5 brings. People are amazing in their tastes and their hunger for what makes a home beautiful, great, comfortable and most of all, practical. Remember the home innovations of the 1950s? Well, we do, and we are here to help you in every way we can to make your living arrangements more spectacular and up to date. So why not start at the entrance of your home? A small change of a door/gate can be phenomenal…  

Click here to see what we mean. 

Did your article make it to the top 5? Let us know. 

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