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How would you define a house that truly has it all? Of course, this is a totally subjective issue, but in all honesty, we think today's project actually would cater to the whims of absolutely everybody. Aside from the fact that it has a whopping six bedrooms, there are some surprising additions that will have you kicking yourself for either not thinking of them or not quite having enough space to copy them, but don't let envy stop you from really enjoying this tour! Come with us now and drink in the genius of the architects that created this staggering home!

The bathroom.

You don't need to have a huge bathroom to have the best, as this one clearly proves! We love the touch of choosing a square bathtub, which has been boxed in with stunning dark wood and the marble walls and floor just adds a whole new dimension of opulent materials selection. It's decadent in here, yet still so full of charm and modesty! What a juggling act!

The hallway.

Imagine walking through a front door and being confronted by a space as luxurious as this. In terms of entrance hallway design, we think this one is elegant, classic and yet ultra opulent at the same time, what with striking ceramic floor tiles, custom-designed banisters and large, open areas. You really don't need a lot of furniture to give the look and feel of a luxury property!

The kitchen.

A wonderfully contemporary take on a galley kitchen, the dual lengths of crisp white worktop here stretch out into the dining area and amplify the generous proportions. Gold statement lighting and unfussy finishes really add to the chic and high-end aesthetic and we are starting to see a trend in this home; you don't need to be a show off to have the very best finishes.

The living room.

What can we even say about this gorgeous room? Pink and gold won't ever get old and that light fixture? WOW! Clearly no expense has been spared, in terns of furniture selection, but everything has such a simple and timeless quality. The wall paneling is always there to remind us that this is an exceptional and heritage space.

The master bedroom.

How could this home have not had a master bedroom large enough to include a private seating area? Of course it has one! More stunning lighting, crisp wall colors and clearly high-end textile accessories all combine to create a comfortable and indulgent boudoir, but just look at the bed! It's bigger than some bedrooms, all on its own!

The swimming pool.

Gorgeous. We'd give anything to have an indoor pool this stunning in our homes, but until we can make that a reality, we'll just have to admire this one! So luxurious and yet classy, everything here just seems to have been included because it was wanted, not for bragging rights!

A personal gym.

With a swimming pool in place, it can't come as a shock that there is a gym as well! Kitted out with everything you'd need to stay fit and healthy, we are fast-realizing that there are very few reasons to ever step foot outside the walls of this house!

The sauna.

What we wouldn't give for a sauna! Finished in a traditional Scandinavian style, with simple natural wood and no decorative touches, we think this might be the home of a really healthy family! 

The steam room.

Just to finish off, why not enjoy this mosaic-tiled steam room? At this point, we wouldn't have been shocked to find out that the house had a petting zoo or a car showroom included, but a steam room really is a fantastic addition. 

Like we said, this really is a home that has everything, but for even more luxury home inspiration, take a look at this article: A contemporary home that didn't skimp on the luxury.

What would you add to this home to get your perfect property?

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