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Individualizing your home is a highly personal activity, and it is something we all necessarily undertake to do at some point or another. Who doesn't want to have a home life that is tailored to their own needs, tastes and characteristics? Not only will this make your domestic life more enjoyable, but it will also be congruent with the interests of the home's inhabitants. Interior design, furnishings and decoration are powerful tools in achieving such an atmosphere in any living space. 

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, however, there are plenty of basic ideas and details you can use to make your home stand out and make it unique. The ideas are pretty basic, but how you implement it is up to you, and this is what will give you that individual character. 

Take a look at these decor details and ideas that anyone can use in their home, but that will give you something special when you tailor it to your own tastes. 

1. Printed tiles.

Whether you opt for specific images or a wallpaper-like pattern, such as we see here, hydraulically pressed tiles are will give your kitchen a look that pops.

2. Themes.

When you plan the details of your decor according to specific themes, you are sure to get a multi-layer effect that has a depth of impact. 

3. Pops of color.

Even with a neutral and elegant background, a few pops of color can enliven any home space. Now it's up to you to decide where to add them!

4. Eye-catching wallpaper.

Fun or cute wallpaper will give your interior just the boost it needs. You can amplify its effect by only adding it to  a single wall or small space.

5. A bold gallery.

If you have a minimal, white background, add a gallery of images, but make sure that the ones you choose are bold and eye-catching.

6. Organic furniture.

when choosing furnishings for your home, especially the outdoor space, opt for naturally-inspired, organic forms. 

7. Exposed brick.

Always a winner.

8. Futuristic elements.

Use with caution, and in a controlled environment.

9. Open space.

The design of this bedroom/bathroom is open and alive. Increase space by opening up all previously or traditionally enclosed spaces.

These decor details are sure to make your home pop. Now take a look at a few living room decor ideas in particular that will leave you inspired. 

Which of these details will look good in your own home?

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