Renovation on 82nd Street: modern Kitchen by KBR Design and Build

The New York apartment you'll never forget

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We have a fantastic treat in store for you all today! If you, like us, have ever dreamed of owning your own fancy apartment in the great NYC, you will absolutely love the home we are touring in this article. 

KBR Design and Build are the contractors who were responsible for renovating this charming apartment on 82nd street. This historic, pre-war duplex is only a single block away from Central Park, and the young couple who bought it wanted to enlist the right help to make it come to life. They certainly made the right call!

KBR Design and Build went ahead with the project and renovated the apartment to bring it to its current glorious state. You will find an open, yet cozy, and utterly sophisticated space that is versatile enough to host both lavish cocktail parties, and wild infant playgroups! Join us to explore this intriguing New York home in a little more detail…

A cheerful lounge

This lounge or living room in a neutral background and with the addition of bright colors to the fore, seems like the perfect place to entertain guests casually during the day. The spacious sofa and large window seat offer more than enough seating space, and the glass features offer a gentleness and fragility to the home. 

High style in less square feet.

When we think of modern New York apartments, none of us imagine vast homes with unlimited space. Living in the city comes at a price, and living in smaller spaces is often required, whether you are a struggling artist or a well-off family. 

It is not an exception with this home, where the overall space may be less than comparative homes in the same price range elsewhere. What is exceptional, though, is that the look and style created in this particular apartment, makes the most out of whatever space is available. 

Rich materials are combined with hints of minimalism and a few opulent additions.

A royal kitchen

This elegant kitchen is filled with luxury materials and a traditional design that immediately gives it a sense of superiority. The marble countertop is certainly the star of the show, imparting an unmatched elegant atmosphere t the kitchen space. Above it, we can see three glass and steel globes, illuminated and stately. The cabinets are all white on an all-white background, assuring a pristine look. 

Looking at the kitchen a little closer, we can discern some finer and noteworthy details. The appliance installed here are of high quality, and the modern steel offers a welcome contrast to the white and marble. 

On the walls and backsplash area we can see the use of a glistening subway tile, a look that is very trendy and in touch with current design advancements. Below the suspended cabinets, we can see strips of LED lighting—a clever addition which assures perfect task lighting on all the worktop spaces.

An indulgent bathroom

Imagine a full marble bathroom in the heart of the city! This bathroom illustrates that you do not need to have a huge mansion to indulge in the opulence of marble. Here, it is used throughout, and its use is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Together with the use of glass and the addition of a beautiful crystal chandelier, we can see that this bathroom had been designed for indulgence. 

Here we can see the other side of the bathroom, and the finer details used in combination with the main element of marble. Black cabinets and grey wall tiles bring a dynamic and varied look to the ensemble. This is topped with sophisticated faucets and lighting features. 

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