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Marble countertops and more: 11 ideas to get inspired

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If you've given but a mere glance at any interior design, architecture or decor news lately, you would have seen the trend of marble used everywhere in the home. This luxurious (and costly) material has been associated with wealth and social status since the beginning of modern civilization, and now it has made a come-back. Nowadays, it is appearing in more and more homes due to modern advancements and relative price drops. You also get a wide range of marble and marble-imitation options, meaning you can have a unique marble look suited to your very own home. For those who want the look of marble, you can also consider vinyl stickers with the design of marble.

We were eager to get onto the marble democratization train, and encourage the use of this extraordinary material throughout the home. We realize, however, that incorporating it can be a daunting task, and that if it is done carelessly, it may haunt you with a lacking look for the rest of its existence. 

There is no need to fear, however, as we have compiled a list with perfect example of how to use marble  just for you! Take a look at these 12 ideas and be inspired!

1. Glistening kitchen.

Smooth, polished marble is used in the backsplash area of this kitchen to give it an untouched and sophisticated character. A large slab as opposed to smaller tiles gives a very minimal and luxurious feel.

2. Golden fireplace.

Did you think it was possible for marble to look more luxurious?! A hint of gold in the mix will set your home apart.

3. Pristine look in the kitchen.

The beautiful white and grey marble used for this kitchen's countertops gives it a pristine look, especially in combination with the otherwise white and bright decor. 

4. An indulgent bathroom.

We can see that this bathroom had been designed to indulge in! 

Can you see yourself bathing here in candlelit evenings?

6. Tile alternative.

Instead of solid worktops, you can always opt for marble tiles. Opting for tiles is a good way of having the best of both worlds: affordability and luxury.

7. A dining room to impress.

The impressive and striking marble tiles used to coer the wall in this dining room will undoubtedly impress any dinner guests!

8. Flooring.

classic Bathroom by Marbles Ltd
Marbles Ltd

Emprador Marble Flooring

Marbles Ltd

The classic marble flooring in this image is the perfect contrast to the detailed and colorful wallpaper of this bathroom. 

9. A singular feature.

modern Bathroom by MG12

JP lavabo in marmo


You may also opt for a single feature made from marble, instead of covering vast areas with the material. This marble sink is the pinnacle of contemporary design, and is done in our favourite opulent material. 

modern Bathroom by MG12

JP lavabo in marmo


10. Tones and variations.

modern Bathroom by MG12

JP marmo


Here we can see the same sink design, but the beauty lies in the variance of tone. The white marble of the sink is intensely contrasted by the black marble of the background.

modern Bathroom by MG12

JP basaltina


Here we can see a variation of the previous scene, with a grey and white marble wall, and a dark grey stone sink in front of it. 

11. Warm continuity.

In this image, we can see a bathroom in transition, but our preoccupation is really only with the marble, which covers the whole shower and sink area. This beautifully warm color of marble is perfectly suited to the warm wooden flooring. 

Although the marble splashbacks we saw in this list is very high on our favorites list, we encourage you to take a look at other types of splashbacks you can try in your home. 

Which of these marble ideas did you like the most?
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