12 houses to match every zodiac sign

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Although you should not entirely rely on astrology to make important decisions in life, it is believed that the alignment of stars has something to do with your traits and personality, your likes and dislikes. You may not completely agree with this and consider it as mere coincidence. But check out the house that falls on your zodiac sign and let us know if it matches your style.


The bull sign is sensual and powerful. No other sign in the zodiac will embrace this opulence and elegance as much as Taurus.


Known to be the most brilliant sign in the zodiac, Aries longs for something that will attract attention. This original home design with remarkable lighting is perfect for the successful Aries.


Those whose sign is Sagittarius are the type who travel a lot. They do not want to stay in a permanent place. They prefer to keep a temporary home every where they go. This seems like a practical and functional for their summer home, don't you think?


Geminis are characterized as intelligent and enlightened people. They want a spacious, bright, and suitable house. This astounding home has all those features.


Scorpio appear mysterious and lonely. They prefer a house with privacy. Something that can keep them away from everyone.


Those under the crab sign are protective and they have a loving character. They want to live comfortably in a traditional environment. This home with its cozy terrace offers a warm welcome.


Leo is the sign of power and authority. The house must be a great way for them to show their power. It must be large, luxurious, and enviable.


Virgo symbolizes purity. People under this sign are perfectionist and meticulous who opt for minimalist style and clean lines.


Libra seek balance. Their living space must be in accordance with their mood and character. This house, along with its surrounding environment, is what Libra aim for.


Capricorns have their feet firmly on the ground. They are also people who have strong passion. That's why they want a house with strong, solid, and sturdy materials.


Aquarius is the most sociable sign of the zodiac. Therefore, he wants a house where he could socialize with his guests freely. The open space design of this house was made for that.


AR Design Studio- The Boat House AR Design Studio Modern Houses
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- The Boat House

AR Design Studio

Naturally, Pisces cannot live without water. Whether it's a lake, river, sea, or a manmade fish pond, there has to be a body of water around the house.

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