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Now that Diwali is done, people are gearing up for the Christmas and New Year. Christmas brings along joy, comfort, and unlimited memories. In a diverse nation like India, even this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour. The sweet smell of the fruit cake, brightness of the Christmas star and the ever-popular Ho Ho Ho of the Santa Claus marks the right mood and right spirit of this very special festival. So, if you are ready to splurge and celebrate this festival with your relatives and friends, we bring to you an idea book that discusses all that can be done in an Indian household to decorate it in the right Christmas spirit. Even if you do not want to shed lots from your pocket, we suggest some simple DIY ideas that can make you achieve a star lit and stunning house, this Christmas.

First & Foremost; The Christmas tree

Till today, many households want to have the real Christmas tree for decoration. Sadly, this thing is not possible in India and thus people go with artificial trees and now even the more modern options that are made of wood or even paper. These trees can be easily bought according to the size and layout of the room. The major charm however, lies in decorating the trees. There is a wide range of items available in the market ranging from small stockings, danglers, shimmering ornaments, umbrella candy bars and even small gift boxes that can be arranged on top of the tree to make it more pleasant and endearing. You may even use your Diwali lighting to light up this beautiful marvel. Designed by Deborla, Kitchen and bath hardwares from Portugal, this christmas tree has been used to accentuate the living room of this residence. 

Door hangings

Door hangings or popularly known as the wreaths, they make an incredible signature festive accessory. You just cannot imagine a Christmas without a wreath. Made out of grass and colourful accents, these wreaths look spectacular not only on the main entrance door, but also on the other entry and exit doors. Try embellishing them with different accents using your kids and spouse’s creativity. You may as well try to incorporate them indoors on the room walls and windows. They look wonderful in the company of a Christmas tree and will surely light up the spirit of the festival. You can easily incorporate DIY ideas to make a variety of wreaths in your home as well.

Gifts & presents

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No festival is complete without a gift. Christmas is no different. Instead, sharing gifts and presents with all near and dear ones marks this festival. While each one of us wait for the Santa to bring us our desired gifts, it is a chance to shower your loved ones with wishes and blessings of your choice too. You may keep the gifts intact near the Christmas tree to give your family members a surprise on 25th morning. These gifts can be wrapped in colourful and cheerful gift-wraps that should look graceful when placed besides the Christmas tree. Let your loved ones know how much you love and care for them!

Christmas inspired wall decor

It is extreme biasing if you decorate only the living room with no decoration at all in the other rooms of the house. So, to make every room look as festive as possible, we bring to your various wall decors that can help you achieve this uniformity. Especially in kid’s room, you need to mark the spirit of Christmas from the very start. Kids get super excited when it comes to festivals and decorations. So, to help them indulge in the decorations you can even ask them to prepare festive wall decorations or install a festive calendar like such in their room. This will mark December as the festive month and keep the cheerfulness and vibrancy alive till the ball hits the New Year.

Candles and more

A lot can be done with the lighting too. However, if you want to enjoy the real spirit of the festival try to install as many candles inside the house as possible. The light and brightness generated by an array of candles still remain unmatched as compared with the electric lights and sophisticated lamps. Try opting for festive colours like red, green and white. You may as well choose to go for floating candles with a gamut of shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from. These candles can even be managed at home for a more personalised touch. In case you are going with an artificial Christmas tree, you may as well use diyas in every corner to light the tree and the room at the same time. This forms a crazy fusion of Diwali and Christmas.

Santa & stockings

Santa and Stockings go hand in hand. There cannot be a Christmas without the stockings. Therefore, one needs to employ festive, cheerful and colourful stockings besides the chimney area to mark the entrance of Santa. These can very well be clubbed with Santa hats and small gifts in each of them.  In case there is no chimney, which is mostly the case with Indian households, you can very well arrange the stockings on the windows and small entry areas in your house. This will perfectly suit the conventional belief and will give your house a complete festive aura.

Outdoor lighting

So after you have decorated the interiors and the doors as well, it’s time to move out to the exteriors. Exterior decoration is as imperative as interiors. A lot can be done in this area as well. Try using your left over Diwali lights to redecorate the your house from the roof to the ceiling and finally the walls. You may as well install a single Christmas tree or an array of few of them for a complete decoration. Many people like to decorate the exteriors based on different themes. These can be a sledge and reindeer or Mother Mary with the baby or even Santa with a group of kids. Use your creativity and bring out the best of your exteriors with colourful lighting and wooden details.

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