3 homes designed for holidaying (with floor plans!)

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Some homes just give off that perfect holiday vibe, even if they are lived in throughout the year, and today, we think we've found three of the most amazing properties that would make the hustle and bustle of real life simply fade away! The architects that created these staggering houses clearly had a directive to craft the ultimate holiday homes that would promote self-indulgent relaxation and intrinsic enjoyment and you can't afford to not take a look at them! If you are potentially in the market for a striking holiday home, or just want some inspiration for a luxurious family property, come with us now as we introduce you to some of our favorites and then overwhelm you with beautiful pictures! You're going to love them, especially the swimming pools!

1. If summer was a building…

then it would be this one! Bright white render, villa-esque flat roof design and natural stone have all combined to create a wonderfully vibrant yet chic and relaxing home. The setting certainly doesn't hurt here either, but when you see the swimming pool and outdoor socializing areas, you'll see that this is very much a property that's geared towards outside enjoyment and getting the benefit of all the glorious sunshine. Let's take a look at some pictures to get a much better feel for how this home works!

2. As gorgeous inside as it is outside.

Some holiday homes seem to focus on the outside areas exclusively, but this one has given just as much thought to how the interior looks and feels as well. With calm neutrals everywhere, injections of nature and beautiful sociable spaces in abundance, this is a property that offers privacy and closeness in equal measure, but there's one aspect that you really don't want to miss. Just wait until you see how gorgeous the roof terrace is and how it ensures day to night enjoyment! Let's take a look!

3. Everything you need!

When you see how amazing this home is, we don't think you'd ever want to just have a holiday here, you'd want to LIVE here! Easy, spacious communal areas offer inherent relaxation, but there are some seriously homely touches as well, such a built-in bookcases and a really striking fireplace. There's no getting away from the terrace and pool area either, which really keeps the holiday vibes alive. Come and take a look around and get ready to have some serious hallway envy! 

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Which of these houses would be your dream holiday home?

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