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A very British home that is bloody good!

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Have you ever wondered what homes look like across the pond in Blighty? Well you're about find out, as we've discovered a gem of a British home that really demonstrates the Uk's style credentials! The interior designer that curated this beautiful home really knew how to capture the quintessential British look and we think you'll be staggered by the composure and stoic design details. With a brief in place to create a cool and contemporary home in one of the trendiest parts of London, Notting Hill, you'll find piquant color pops and fantastic personalization throughout this home that really suits the creative young couple that owns it. Just wait until you see the kitchen tiles!

We're green, with envy!

Isn't this bathroom the perfect combination of heritage and modern styling? The fixtures and exclusive use of tiles keeps things traditional and chic, but the choice of green as the main color has absolutely added in some contemporary cool! Is that a shabby chic mirror as well? We need to see it!

Those funky touches!

It's no secret that the Brits love dogs and here, you can see that in full effect! A cute and vibrant canine statue is a wonderful way to add in some bright color and complements that brooding skull throw pillow so well. Don;t you love the red and gray combo here too? 

Working from home.

A small house means that a home office can be hard to squeeze in, but those clever Brits have found a solution, right here! Using a small wall niche  as an inset work space is ingenious and by adding amazing wallpaper, it has such a fun, yet professional look! We need to see a close up of that sweet paper!

Fabulous flamingos!

Woah! The wallpaper is covered in flamingos! Had it been too bright and colorful, it would have looked far too novelty, but by sticking to the wider gray scheme, it has a refined look to it! The task lighting is so chic as well. You go Brits!

Those tiles though!

Admit it; these tiles are fantastic! Eccentric yet stylish and wonderfully refined, thanks to the monochrome color scheme, they add such pep and fun to a practical room, but let's see how the wider room looks before we make our final judgement about how well they work!

Gray everything.

Of course the kitchen is gray as well! Pale gray cabinets look terrific on their own, but with the amazing tiled backsplash, they simply come alive! We can't help but stare at the parquet flooring too as it adds such a classy and sophisticated feature to an already beautiful room.

Creative styling.

Oh look! Another dog statue! Not only that, there is a wonderful retro-style dining set-up as well. Just when you think eye-catching tiles will be the only striking feature in a room, a few more piquant details are added to draw your attention. This home is so enigmatic!

Those perfect accessories.

We can't be surprised that this home is filled with terrific finishing touches, as we've seen them throughout, but we are still really impressed by this pretty vintage bathroom cabinet! It adds such fantastic texture and a new dynamic, which is impressive, given that it's not large!

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