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The Minimalism of House 192

Leigh Leigh
Casa em Matosinhos II Modern Houses by Jorge Domingues Arquitectos Modern
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Designed by Jorge Domingues Architects, Casa em Matosinhos II is a beautiful home in the north of Portugal. A more modern, minimalist and edgy take on their original Casa em Matosinhos I, the style is similar: simple, sophisticated and sleek.

The architecture includes different volumes and shapes to create a home that is spacious without being ostentatious, detailed without being over the top and family-orientated without being old-school. Tradition collides with style in this subtle, three-storey home.

Casa em Matosinhos II is also the perfect home for a Johannesburg suburb, providing privacy and security without compromising on trend. This is the type of home you can picture in the leafy suburb of Parkhurst or a bustling neighbourhood in Bedfordview. Its colour also complements any season, working with the surrounds for a beautiful, overall effect.

Follow us on a tour of House 192.

Street view

The lovely grey colour and wonderful texture of the house is evident from the get-go as a soft light illuminates from the large, square windows on each level in the dimming sunset light.

The house is protected by a solid, steel-looking boundary wall where an intercom provides access. For South African homes, this is a big plus as it provides security and privacy. Your cars are safe behind the walls as is your family and household possessions. 

Three levels of the house work with each other, with the windows unaligned to create an eclectic and trendy look and feel. The level features a balcony, allowing for Saturday afternoon braai's or Sunday brunches almost on the rooftop, with views of the entire city. This is an appealing feature for South African homes because it allows the family to experience the beautiful weather as well as the iconic views.

Back yard

Moving around to the back of the house, it's evident that the architects have continued to play with space, volumes and shapes when designing Casa em Matosinhos II.

A large, square chunk is missing on the lower level of the house, creating an concave entrance hall that is sheltered by the upper level. This transforms the house from a simple, solid structure into an innovative and creative design.

A sweeping, concrete driveway runs along the entire length of the property, allowing for the whole family—and then some—to park their cars safely inside the property during a birthday or a dinner. For South Africans, this is a very important factor as parking in the street is not always safe—you may return to a smashed window and a stolen car radio.

The concrete driveway is broken up by patches of grass, bushes and trees. This adds a touch of greenery to the modern and futuristic looking home.


The architects have gone for a very minimalist and clean look for the interior of the house, opting for stark white walls and gorgeous, wooden floors. A large, rectangular window almost the same size as the front door allows natural light to filter into the hallway. This is covered by sleek, grey blinds.

Key to a minimal home is the use of smart and trendy storage, which allows for bits and pieces to be packed away out of sight. Books, appliances, clothes and linen can all be stored perfectly in cupboards, under stairs and below beds to create the perfect, clean home.

If you have a lot of items and enjoy your appliances, there are tons of smart ways to store them without making it seem like your home is cluttered. For example, check out these: Innovative Places To Put Your TV.

This is the type of hallway that offers a perfect amount of privacy, while still being in touch with the outside world.

Open spaces

The square theme continues throughout the home, where a gorgeous set of doors open up to leave a large, square space that transitions the interior to exterior. 

The result is a living room that can be enjoyed in both summer and winter, where sunshine is free to stream in through the doors. This is the type of room where evening cocktails can be enjoyed in summer with the doors open and hot chocolate can be sipped in the winter with the doors closed, but either way, the inhabitant feels connected to the outside space.

Minimalism is still key here with bare white walls and shiny wooden floors. This is a interior designer's dream as it serves as a blank canvas for style and design. Picture fluffy rugs on the floors, modern and edgy art on the walls and comfortable, stylish living room furniture that works with the soft, grey hues of the exterior. 

Floating stairs

The floating stairs are one of the most innovative and modern features of Casa em Matosinhos II, connecting the different floors. This is not merely a staircase but a creative collaboration of space, texture and materials. 

There are many different types of floating staircases available, including ones framed by glass, ones made from lighter or darker wood and ones with wooden banisters. Floating stairs come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a floating staircase for your home, you can customise it to suit your preferences and there are many suppliers in South Africa who will offer you what you are looking for. 

Tip: If you have children, just be wary of the risks around floating staircases and invest in baby gates that will stop toddlers from taking a tumble. 

Having stairs in a house is also a great, natural way to stay fit. Take the stairs at every opportunity that you get for a great workout without having to leave the house.

If you aren't a fan of the gym, you might prefer to: Forget The Gym And Get Fit At Home!

Seeing double

The architects have thought of every single detail when it comes to designing this home, working with the space that they have to create something beautiful and innovative. You'll notice how these two rooms mirror each other perfectly, working from the centre of the room where the large, square window sits. 

The rooms are also minimalist and stylish, sticking to the theme of white walls and wooden floors. This allows the inhabitants to truly make each room their own, with a neutral base to work from.

Every finish in this home is sleek, clean and modern with bold lines and a simple style, evident in the rooms of the house. However, the beautiful, large, square windows ensure that each room is bathed in light. 

Casa em Matosinhos II is the perfect family home and one that could effortlessly fit into the South African landscape. It's a space of comfort and style. 

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