9 Stunning Ways to Update your Kitchen Décor

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A place for shared meals and bringing loved ones together; it’s no surprise that the kitchen is one room that needs to be kept up to date hence it’s worth reading up on emerging kitchen décor trends which may provide inspiration and influence your design. Below are stunning ways to help you get started with updating your kitchen décor.

Rethink your Island

The island has become the most popular feature of modern kitchen décor, mainly because of its functionality, seating, extra counter top and storage. We see less of the typical island and more customized designs to suit your day to day needs. Built-in features like storage for cookbooks, kid’s toys and wine bottles are the in-thing. Tweak the design to make it your own and bring in practicality, color and character into your design scheme.

Go Bold With Lighting

Many homeowners have begun to shy away from the sterile look of a very modern kitchen. Kitchen décor trends are beginning to shift toward bigger, bolder lighting fixtures with colorful shades. Make a statement with a hefty and bold lighting fixture particularly over a big kitchen island suitable for everyday tasks. A well-lit kitchen is very essential in tying together a space and can create an inviting ambience. Ideally, lighting should be included over the cooking surface as well as counter tops. The number of fixtures depends on your kitchen’s layout, size and style. For instance, a kitchen with high ceilings and darker finishes call for more good lighting.

Embrace Color

You can never go wrong with a classic white kitchen; however, a pop of color is always a good idea and an inexpensive one too. A good way to add personality and style to your kitchen décor is through choosing a good color to go well with the rest of the house interior. Color can definitely do amazing things for a kitchen, from forest green stools to sky blue cabinets or even a special extra touch with a red accent wall; the options are endless. Keep in mind that when experimenting with bright colors, it’s advisable to keep the floors basic; perhaps work with a beautiful hardwood floor or tile in a natural shade. Colorful dishware and collectibles on display can add so much charm and a great starting point when experimenting with color in your kitchen space.

Get On Board with the Copper Trend

Simple yet elegant, copper accents can give your existing interior a quick refresh and can instantly add warmth and richness to your kitchen decor. There’s no secret that the copper trend has been having a serious moment in all things décor. From copper coloured cabinet handles, to lighting fixtures and wall finishes, this trend is going no way fast. For example, simply upgrade with copper pots by hanging them and using them as a decorative feature over your kitchen island.

Lay Down a Rug

A great way to liven up your kitchen décor is with a unique rug. We can’t deny our love for Persian rugs and the charm they inject to the overall interior. Not only are they comfortable under-foot, they add an amazing pop of color and make a big visual impact. Rugs work well between islands and perimeter countertops. Opt for a material that can withstand harsh foot traffic as this is one of the hardest-working rooms in your home. For example, a long rug works well in a long narrow kitchen, making the room feel full and sophisticated. For a larger kitchen, opt for an equally large and bold rug to make the space feel cozier.

Mix and Match

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy, plain and boring interiors. This trend can be done in a variety of ways; contrasting cabinet and countertop finishes, modern and traditional furniture pieces, colors and patterns. If you are one of the lucky ones with a large kitchen that incorporates a dining table, feel free to mix and match your dining chairs. Work with modern pieces for a clean look and few worn-out furniture pieces for that old world charm. Although mixing and matching your finishes can be quite a challenge, when done right it instantly does wonders to your kitchen décor.

Decorate with Potted Plants and Herbs

A bit of “spring” in the kitchen – plucking fresh herbs to season your soup with easy. Sounds about right and we are totally up for it. Kitchen décor with potted plants and herbs is a simple and rejuvenating way to capture all life’s vibrancy. Growing your own herbs allows you to bring that natural beauty indoors. Nothing like well-seasoned meals that taste fresh and complete. A portable vertical garden works well in a kitchen with plenty of natural light. For a cool touch, label the herb pots; you don’t want to throw in sage when you needed a handful of basil, do you?

Select the Right Flooring

Flooring is a key element and groundwork for style and function in any kitchen. There is something charming about sharing meals in a space that is appealing, warm and inviting. When it comes to selecting the right flooring for your kitchen, the ideal material should not only be beautiful but practical, durable and long lasting. However, practical doesn’t always mean boring and dull. Stone for example, is great for its natural and unique variation—and how its tone adds depth and no two slaps are completely the same. It complements most color schemes and kitchen finishes.

When choosing flooring, opt for material and a style that complements the size of your kitchen, as well as existing colors, textures and other kitchen finishes. For a small kitchen, large plain tiles work really well in giving an illusion of extra floor space. Whatever style and material you decide on, make sure to create a flow that fits well with the rest of your home’s interior style.

Slender Pullouts

In order to pull off a stunning kitchen décor you most desire, it’s important to keep things clean and well organized. However, a small kitchen can be cozy and inviting but tough to keep organized and clutter free. Make every inch work extra hard by installing cool slender pullouts with multiple shelves or racks. Custom built pullout drawers are definitely in-trend and can be tucked into the tightest spaces; for example, the gap between the refrigerator and a full height cabinet or on either side of the range. Not only are they great for storing ingredients and cooking staples, they can be sleek and add a modern feel to your kitchen decor while taking up less cabinet storage. Even the smallest kitchen space can be fully functional and just as inspiring as a bigger one.

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