6 Timeless Home Decoration Styles

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Keeping up with home décor trends can be quite exhausting. Every year brings something new and interesting into play – and yet that can quickly become boring and out of style the following year. Why not opt out of following the latest trends and choose timeless home décor that looks as good as they did ten years ago? In this way, your investment into furniture and design pieces will be pay off.

Below we have rounded up 10 home décor styles that will keep your style fresh and in check for years to come.

Classic and Neutral Colors

Regardless of the latest trends in color, classic neutral colors are perfectly timeless. They never go out of fashion and work with almost any style. What’s even more appealing about neutral shades is that they evoke a clean, fresh feeling and are relevant today as they were yesterday.

Home décor looks sophisticated and elegant with neutral colors such as grey, beige, soft browns, cream and white. In modern décor, using neutral colors allows the architectural elements and textures of your design to take center-stage, creating a warm and inviting space that tells a story. Additionally, it’s simple to add a pop of color when neutral colors are the dominant theme. For example, if a bedroom is painted in a subtle mushroom color, the rest of the room can selectively feature bolder and colorful elements such as an area rug, pillows, a throw or even a striking art piece.

All White Design

There’s no doubt that an all-white design feels timeless, elegant, clean and fresh. Take a look at this kitchen. White is easy to live with, it is easy on the eye and you won’t get tired looking at it. It acts as a plain canvas for colored accessories such as bold lighting fixtures, metallic appliances and colored kitchenware. To create maximum impact with a white color scheme, opt for the brightest, most crisp white you could possibly find. White works even better in small kitchens because it is light and bright and also gives off an illusion of a larger space.

The Perfect Minimalist

Sometimes less can really be more! A space that is serene and uncluttered always looks timeless and exudes warmth and beauty. Minimalist home décor uses a muted, monochromatic palette, few accessories and solid colors. It allows you to tone down your furnishings to the bare essentials and you are left with a well curated space. It’s often great if you have a piece of furniture that acts as a showpiece without being overpowered by other details. Minimalist home décor works well in any room in the house and isn’t always cold and sterile.

Natural Lighting

You would be surprised how letting light pour in can significantly add to the décor. A space filled with natural light feels elegant, warm, inviting and definitely spacious; making it a timeless attribute in home décor. Generous use of glass is an obvious way to let in light into your home. Other ways to enhance the amount of light entering the room is by using skylight, shiny accessories, mirrors and even a light colour palette. Mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to increase your natural light in the room. This can be done by hanging a large mirror on the wall facing the windows. The mirror will reflect and double the amount of light in the room.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Plants are as expressive as paintings and as appealing as antiques, and decorating with them never seems to go out of style. They work with every room; bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, and complement any home décor style. Greenery brings beauty, character, texture, good energy into every space and can instantly change the atmosphere of the room. Additionally, adding a plant creates a contrast to hard surfaces and provides a unique texture. This makes the space appear soft and comfortable which is key in creating a timeless look.

Old and New

Combining modern pieces with inherited, vintage or antique elements can produce a room that looks and feels as though it has evolved over the years. It helps create a timeless result with a sense of comfort and uniqueness. Mixing the new and old is truly something special; a nostalgic sense of elegance and old world charm. It’s a great way to remain true to your style without the influence of trends that are in today and gone tomorrow.

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