6 Stylish Ways to Glam up your Home Interiors

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We all want our home interiors to look and feel expensive. We spend hours sifting through magazines and design blogs for inspiration. A touch of glam can take an ordinary room from delightful to enchanting and can be easily done on a budget. A stylish home is always organized, neat and tidy; the surfaces are always clutter free and shiny—glass and metal is always polished and dust free. From adding an accent rug and mirror to choosing the right textile and finishes, there are plenty of ways to decorate your home. Below we look at stylish ways to switch a tacky looking home into a glamorous one.

Add Gold Accents

Adding few gold accents can accentuate your space and make it look elegant and special. Gold is a hot trend; it’s rich, adventurous and priceless and really works well in any room and style. An inexpensive way to add gold details into your home interiors is by giving old furniture some TLC with gold spray paint. 

Alternatively, try swap a few décor elements such as linens, area rugs, decorative pillows, curtains with ones that have hints/accents of gold color. Even simple things as old flowerpots, plastic accessory holders and drawer pulls look instantly refreshed and expensive with gold spray paint.

Choose Luxe Textile

Nothing feels as good as the sumptuous feel of satin and sooth textile between your fingertips. Imagine creating the same feeling and look in your home interiors. 

Fabrics such as velvet, silk, linens from around the world are a perfect addition to your home just to spice it up and pull off that glam look. They offer comfort and undeniable beauty while setting the mood for your room. Decorate your sofa and lounge chairs with these rich fabrics for an attractive and elegant charm.

A Rug that Feels Good

If you have bare-wood flooring, accessorizing with a great rug can introduce color, texture and warmth. A thoughtfully chosen rug is capable of anchoring your space and tying it together. Invest in a rug of good quality and texture and one that is a pleasure to both the eyes and the feet. 

For example, a neutral wool rug with bold geometric patterns can inject that glam look into your home interiors. There is often a wide selection of seductive rugs to choose from that offer a year-round look while remaining stylish.

Mirror Shine

It’s true that a mirror can double the visual room space and can be used to reflect natural light. A statement mirror can add a touch of class and exude glamour and sophistication; making the room look spacious and much more welcoming. Have a blank wall to fill? Introduce a floor-length mirror to vastly expand the sense of space and add a little drama. This simple touch also units a group of décor elements and furniture pieces in that space.

Create a mirror gallery and add to it as you pick up accent mirrors over time. For an even more glamorous look, add a thin and refined gilded mirror in between artworks. If you lack wall space to hang any mirror, a good solution would be to go for mirrored furniture. It’s a great way to inject that glam in a way that is charming and not so obvious.

Light Up the Room

A light fixture can act like jewelry for your home – and can work wonders on the general aura it exudes. For instant, a statement chandelier with softer lines in brass or chrome can instantly transform your home interiors, or perhaps introducing an ornamental or sculptural lamp for a masculine take on glam. Your guest will be impressed over an unusual lighting fixture hanging over your dining table; acting as a focal point while adding a level of artistic flair. 

From geometric shapes to glass bell pendants, the possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting your lighting.

Introduce Statement Art

Nothing screams character and charm in your home quite like a statement piece of art. Any décor scheme can be pulled together by one striking piece. Choose art that is fabulous and captivating and that really speaks to you. An oversized piece of art can instantly accentuate and bring life into your home interiors. 

There are interesting and different ways to display art in your home without making it look tacky. Add one bold piece of art in the foyer to set the tone for the rest of the home. Create a feature wall with lots of small prints and artwork with frames in different sizes. Indulge in gold or gilded frames for that luxe look.

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