Sofa Bed—7 Reasons Why You Need One

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Without a doubt sofa beds are one of the greatest inventions in modern décor and definitely a common sight in homes these days. They are very versatile as they integrate different elements into one and work seamlessly well with any home style. However, a sofa bed isn’t just a substitute for a regular bed as most people think; they serve all sorts of purpose and can be a beautiful aesthetic addition to any room in the home. Just in case you need a little convincing, here are a few reasons why getting one is key.

Great Space Savers

A common reason why most people own one and why you definitely need one is that it saves space by performing dual functions. Particularly for those living in a studio or small city apartments where adjusting regular furniture can be quite a task. A sofa bed offers a stylish place to sit and a practical place to sleep lending extra room for other belongings and furniture pieces.

Perfect for Overnight Guests

Not only does a sofa bed provide seating for family and friends; but it also provides the benefit of an extra bed. This is very useful as their hidden dual purpose add to their charm when you have relatives, unexpected overnighters, and party stragglers staying over at your place. Whether you have the luxury of a spare room or not—you can easily and quickly turn your lounge or office space into a new “guest wing”.

Comfort When Entertaining

A sofa bed provides a middle solution between a day couch and a regular bed making it the best furniture piece to have in your lounge or entertainment room. It allows you the freedom and comfort to lounge and relax as you please while watching TV. Due to new design techniques and built-in soft mattresses used in modern sofa beds, they offer the comfort of a real bed.

One That Suits Your Style

The style of a sofa bed is probably the first thing that grabs your attention. The vast array of sofa bed styles and designs doesn’t let you sacrifice the beauty of your space. From cushioned back sofa to cushioned seats or even a fixed seat; the options are endless. It is also a stylish addition to any room of the house and they are meant to suit any interior style. For instance, if you have a contemporary styled home, you will easily find a huge variety in contemporary designed sofa beds to match;from color, to material as well as size. Same applies to other interior styles such a minimalist, traditional, retro etc.

The different use of materials allows you to have a variety of choices; a leather sofa bed looks sophisticated and ultramodern. For a family with children, rest assured that cleaning away spillages on a leather sofa wouldn’t be such a daunting task.

Storage Option

Does a sofa bed mean extra duvets, quilts and pillows, Yes! But that should not worry you or use up more of your storage space. Many sofa beds conceal a useful storage space, making it perfect for tidying away bedding-related accessories when not in use. Corner sofa beds are most ideal when it comes to having that extra storage. Choose one that suits your needs in terms of comfort, style, size, and storage system.

Sofa Bed Saves Money

With a sofa bed design you basically have two elements in one. Why bother getting a separate bed and a sofa, especially if you leave in a compact space. The same thing goes for a standalone sofa and a sofa bed; compare the cost of both furniture pieces and you will find out that there isn’t much comparison. A sofa bed represents far greater value for money that a standalone sofa.

Easily Movable

This piece of furniture is designed in such a way that it can be easily moved from one room to other. It is easy to accommodate a sofa bed in any room such as the lounge, entertainment room, office space, gym room, and children’s room at any given time. With its versatile use, good care should be considered especially if it is regularly used. A sofa bed mattress benefits from being aired and it is also a good idea to turn it from time to time

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