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Kitchen storage that will make your life easier

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You need storage in every room of your home, but there is one space that demands more than most; your kitchen! Think about everything you need to store in your kitchen, how bulky it all is and how heavy and you'll soon see that scrimping on your organization is not an option, but do you know how many cool and innovative storage solutions there are out there right now? Ask any kitchen planner and they'll tell you that for every storage need, there is a solution, but if you want to see a little proof and get inspired to up the organization in your space, then come with us right now!

1. Wall-mounted crockery racks.

Free up a wealth of cupboard space by storing your most frequently used crockery up on the wall and within easy reach! These racks look great, are modular, so you can add to them as you need to, and they won't cost as much as new cabinets either!

2. Bespoke drawer inserts.

classic Kitchen by Rencraft

Classic, yet Contemporary


Unless you bought all of your cutlery and utensils from the same shop and they offer a drawer insert that caters to the exact things that you own, an off the shelf drawer insert simply won't be that handy. Have a custom one made, that accounts for all the things you want easy access to and you'll love how much less cluttered your drawers as a whole feel.

3. Hidden storage.

classic Kitchen by Rencraft

Classic, yet Contemporary


You think this is just a regular kitchen cupboard, but then you open it up and actually, it's a fantastic larder! Deep shelves and door spice racks would make such light work of organizing your ingredients and you'd never double up on food items again, simply because you couldn't see you already had something!

4. Breakfast bar shelves.

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Fraher Architects Ltd

Shelving beneath the concrete work surface

Fraher Architects Ltd

Adding some simple plywood shelves to the side of a breakfast bar is brilliant, as it means you can keep recipe books to hand, but not in the way or cluttering up your counters. Simple and effective, this tip is great for anyone that seems to collect cookery books!

5. Stove-flanking shelves.

This kitchen has another great idea that we can be inspired from! Wall-mounted shelves that flank the stove are so handy, as you can keep things you frequently need on them, which will negate bending down and hunting through full to bursting cupboards. The symmetry looks really neat too.

6. Occasional open shelving.

We all know that kitchens get cluttered, so you might not want to risk having no doors at all, but you can certainly do away with a couple top create fun open shelves. These would be perfect for dinner plates or glasses that you seem to use everyday.

7. Chopping board slots.

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NAKED Kitchens

Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

NAKED Kitchens

How many of us have simply given up with trying to store our chopping boards somewhere logical and just have them out on the counter all the time? Too many of us! That can be a thing of the past with this really clever cutting board cubby design! What a way to prevent cluttered surfaces!

8. Shelves for everyone.

How cute! The shelves at the bottom are perfect for kids, with pull out toy boxes and p above there are handy storage shelves for the more grown up and breakable objects! We are in love with the chalkboard door too! What a great resource for writing shopping lists on!

9. Top-level cabinets.

So many people ignore the possibility for some really high-level shelving in their kitchen, but we don't want you to! With special hinges, these cabinets can open smoothly and wide enough, to reveal decent pockets of storage that could prove so handy! At last, you'll have somewhere to put all those tea towels! 

For more kitchen ideas, take a look at this article: 10 ways to make more of a narrow kitchen.

Which of these ideas would be a godsend in your kitchen?
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